Greatness Within Mission Statement


We hope you feel at home here, because it's an un-training of your mind and mental games. I insist on helping others find their Greatness Within and I do it through sharing my life.

You see, there are a great number of worthwhile valuable causes out there and I have a hard time picking just one. But the thing they all have in common is this: None of these problems would exist if the people involved determined to be their Greatness Within. I have a passion to RAISE (through: Responsibility, Accountability, Intention, Standards, Expectation) human consciousness for the entire planet. Because, change DOES happen with just one person. If we each play our part to the best of our ability, the whole world can change.

You don't have to have a title to change the world. You just "entitle" yourself. It's like giving yourself a permission slip to seek out who you are, and then BE that to the best of your ability.

To put the nut in a nutshell, this site serves the purpose to help you learn how to do that.

I'm a naturalist, a natural health practitioner, a homeschooling mom to my three boys (and a smattering of others that honor me with their attentiveness and extraordinari-ness), an entrepeneur, a whole foods chef, author, speaker and trainer, and partner to my patient husband.

MISSIONIt is my purpose in this life to serve the unity of Oneness through my actions, thoughts, and choices; to be the best manifestation of my existence that I can be, truly mastering the expression of my life. I do this by learning, growing, creating ,enlightening, and being a powerful, impactful example of the power of my own Greatness Within, by helping others find it in themselves, and by living as a child of the pure source God.

When you are determined to be the best expression of Source through you, you automatically take care of yourself, your health, that of others, your family, home and responsibilities. You do this through healthy eating and cooking, through working out the power of your physical body, through educating and growing your spiritual and intellectual and emotional minds. You have a passion, then, to care for the world and the people in it. Abuse is not a word you know, because you honor all life.

So this blogsite is a home for all you other seeker wanna-be's and already are's. It's my gift out into the world in hopes that it helps you love life as well. It's how I live, in a way that is sustainable, with care to my body and the health of my family and those I serve. It's how I run a business, be an entrepeneur, and a homeschooling mom, whole foods chef, author, speaker and wife, all with my values and virtues of service, philanthropy, natural health. Well, that's a mouthful, but so are my tasty recipes. I know you will find all you need to become your own Greatness Within and share it out into the world, while keeping balance. I know this to be true or we never would have met!

““It may be said that there are two types of people in the world: those who are willing to live for their dream, and those who have forgotten how to believe in themselves. Those who live for their dream are the creators, the initiators, the artistically alive free souls, the women and men who stand out in a crowd and brighten the lives of those they touch in the simple interactions of daily living. They are the people around whom we feel energized, nourished, healed, important and optimistic. They make us feel that way because they feel that wonderful way about themselves. They radiate beauty because they find good in everyone they touch. They are the people who move the world along, lifting normality out of inertia and into action. They are the shining ones who have heard and responded to the inner call, standing for all that destiny would have them glorify.”— Thank you, Alan Cohen. I couldn't have said it better myself
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