Hand Foot Mouth Disease - Some Uncommon Tips

Hand Foot Mouth Disease - Some Uncommon Tips

Hand Foot Mouth Disease seems to be making the headlines not only in the news, but across dining room tables all over America. 

To get a background understanding of the disease, I love the research of expert Dr. Axe the best.  Be sure to educate yourself.  There are plenty of preventative and post-contractive tips for you from an expert doc.   Since Dr. Axe does such a good job explaining it and giving some treatments, I however, want to move on to some uncommon tips. 

1.  Look at the metaphysics behind it.  What people HAVEN'T been discussing, the conceptual pathology behind it, which I find intriguing in a metaphysical sense.   As a Conceptology and Energy researcher, I find it interesting to look beyond the physical presentation and manifestation of occurrences of all kinds, and look beyond into the playing out of current action, thought, and belief systems.  Here are a few associated with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

     A.  Hand foot mouth represents the giving of hand to mouth, and the carrying from one place to another.  Consider in  yourself and what is around you.  What are you "spreading"  - cheer?  Goodness?  Joy?  Health?  Or contamination, disease, anger, bitterness, and otherwise filth. 

     B.  It also symbolizes the old adage "open mouth, insert foot".  Where are you condemning, saying something you shouldn't say, being hurtful with your words?

     C.  Ironic symbology for our times is the "spread of filth", which as a contaminative disease commonly spread through daycare centers and being in contact with feces, it is interesting to note how it correlates to the negative suggestions and trends as of late of spreading filth through opinions, words, and slander.  Observe in yourself anytime you are spreading filth through your words and/or deeds.  Clean up what you say and think and do towards others.   If it's your child you are experiencing the illness with, think about the fact that they may be a mirror for what they are witnessing. 

2.  Eat foods that are restorative.  Some of my favorites are celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, asparagus, ginger, garlic and onion.   I would focus on easy to digest foods that are nourishing and supportive like bone broth, and fruit and protein smoothies, cooked carrots, cooked apples.  I would most definitely avoid foods that are going to cause further problems in the body's abilities to heal including sugars, dyes, sodas, sweet treats, dairy products, and baked goods. 

3.  Eat foods that are Eliminative in function.  Because the disease involves elimination, and the intention of eliminating it from the body, you want to eat foods that are going to eliminate it and the wastes created.   These are your basic fruits and veg, but also herbs and green leafy's. Check out the Food Fx charts for more.  

4.  Stop eating on the run.  When you are eating on the run or while doing other things, you increase the chance of transmitting all kinds of harmful pathogens into your body via mouth.  If you are multi tasking and eating there's a great chance of contamination by touching keys, phones, keyboards, computers, television remotes, and toys that may be contaminated.   Wash your hands and surfaces well before cooking and eating, then sit and enjoy the meal without inviting unwanted pathogens to the table. 

5.  Other things to try

      Colloidal Silver for hand washing, cleansing of wounds, and taking by mouth a Tbsp a day.   One can also use it as a swish and spit in the mouth.

     Oil pulling to cleanse the lymph glands and pull bacteria out of the mouth and lymphatic system.

     Jojoba oil to nourish and protect the skin.   



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