How I Healed, Balanced and Restored my Gut

How I Healed, Balanced and Restored my Gut

Here is the sought after and often requested personal journal on what I did to heal my own gut troubles.  

If you have known me, then you will have known of the crazy troubles I had with my gut.. TWICE!  Both were caused after  abdominal surgery and/or intense antibiotics.  Since then, I've come to find out how common it is to have intestinal trouble following abdominal surgery, for MEN and WOMEN, but often common following a c section, as was the situation for myself.

The struggle was aggressive!  To be frank, bathroom visits got to be between 30 and 50 a day!  Bloody, mucousy, scary.  I learned a lot during this time, and all of the "textbook knowledge" I had received during my Natural Medicine education was applied in an experiential way.  My first bout is what directed me to a path in Natural Health but it was the second bout that really changed how I viewed intestinal health as a whole.  During each day that I was healing, I wrote down exactly what was happening, what I did, how it felt, etc.  This journal is the condensed version of those notes, in simple form so that others can learn for themselves and apply practical gut balancing knowledge immediately. 

As with all things, we often don't know the value of them until we have experience with it.  After the creation of the journal, I realized this was more of a nutritional restoration program not just for gut health, but known to be helpful in digestive imbalances, food allergies and intolerances, reactions, skin issues, acne and eczema.  

This is now the exact program I offer to clients that come with imbalanced and poor function in the digestive system, at quite a discount on this site. 

This is my experience, and is not intended to treat heal cure or diagnose, but to be used for educational purposes only.   Please see your health care professional as needed. 

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