How the Misuse of this ONE Simple Manners Word Could be Negatively Altering Your Life

How the Misuse of this ONE Simple Manners Word Could be Negatively Altering Your Life

There is one simple little manners word that we learn almost immediately as we begin communicating. Used ineffectively, it could be what has been keeping your from your best self and thus, your greatest dreams.

Ah what comments Ms. Manners will have for me after this post! And seriously, any of you "Ms. Manners"s out there, feel free to comment back your thoughts!

Here is my premise. Change your please to thank you and watch your life change.
Here is my reasoning:
I've studied the use of words a lot over the years from the meaning of them, the origin of them, and their symantecs, to their energy, and their vibrational outcome. Words are super interesting to me, not only the words we CHOOSE but the significant meaning behind those chosen words that we may not consciously know. In my work with Concept Pathology, these two things give me a lot of information that my client doesn't even have to tell me. I tell them "I may hear with my ears but I"m listening with a whole other language."
I don't have a particular problem with the use of the word "please", but I've noticed through experience time and time again there is a definite uniqueness in the people that use "Please" frequently and how they use it.

Let's look a little closer at the word "please".
The word PLEASE dates back to 1275 with Latin roots (placere) which means "to please, seem good". states, "the use of please with requests, etc., is presumably a reduction of the clause ( it) please you may it please you, later reinforced by imperative use of intransitive please to bepleased, wish"
The French word "plaisir" translated literally to English means "if it you pleases".

Using "please" is meant to be an honoring of the other individual's will and time, as in, "I honor myself and this is my desire. I honor you and if it is in your favor to honor my request, then I will thank you, but I would thank you either way."

The interesting difference I've noticed in a certain string of my clients is that they take the literal meaning of the word and make it a mantra of their life, NOT honoring themselves but instead believing they are NOT worthy and thus need to beg by using "please" repeatedly, over-abundantly, and often with a whine. They wish only to please others, which is not a bad thing, but can be an impairative factor in their lives if they don't believe themselves worthy. These people have taken our outdated training as children "to be pleasing" very seriously and this, in my opinion, can damage one's sense of self and really KNOWING themselves. How can you know what you want if you are always "trying to be pleasing". I've worked with many people who are in real trouble because they haven't figured out that you can please others BEST by knowing yourself FIRST. Usually with these people we are working on worth concepts and self esteem and empowerment.

Can you see how the energy of the misuse of this word can come with a vibration of begging, and lack? You're constantly looking for what you want, you need someone else to provide it, and you don't know what you have.

Of course, using it with the energy of the verbage of honoring like I stated above is a different story. You don't have to word it that way outloud, just feel it in your head as your offering your "please message" . For example, if I ask my children to "get me a drink of water, please" , I'm asking because it's what I would like. I know my desire very clearly, I know I"m worthy of the water and of the request. If they say no, then I trust that because I believe in them that we have a mutual image of honoring each other and making decisions that benefit each other, I know that it was something that they just really could not help me with at the time. It was MY desire, not their OBLIGATION to get it for me. It is MY problem, not theirs. Give people the benefit of the doubt, the highest intention for good. If this isn't them, find new people to be around, but it may surprise you that when you treat people with honor and respect how they are in response might be very different.

Another common example where using please differently can change your outcome: think of in family situation is with your young children. You ask them to do something, they don't do it, you say, "Please?". This is worthless, AND imparts the energy of you not being serious and also weak. Think of the meaning: you are saying "if it you pleases". Well it obviously doesn't please them to do your request. Think of the energy: You are giving them control and showing them they are boss rather than that you expect them to perform your request.

Again, I am all for the use of "please" just make sure it comes from the right context and vibration. I often use nature and the animal kingdom as a thoughtful guide. Think about it, animals don't talk but they communicate. They don't rely on words, but much of their communication rides on the vibration of the intention. This speaks so much louder than the words we say, so make sure your intention is clear in your space before you speak. What are you intending to get or give out of the words you say. Why are you saying them?

On the opposite end of the spectrum some people don't use "please" at all because they feel it undermines their power and they leave it out ON PURPOSE.

A truly powerful person knows their worth AND honors the one with whom they are engaging.

Watch my next post on "Thank you" to continue easily bringing about positive change in your life.

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