How To Keep Your Lymphatics Healthy...What To Do

How To Keep Your Lymphatics Healthy...What To Do

Lymphatic support has been HOT TOPIC in our clinic lately, and all through the winter.  Healthy lymph systems are important for breast health, for healthy intestines and bowels, and even cardio health!

But few know much about the lymph system, other than it makes their neck have painful bumps when they're sick.  There's so much more to know about it....your health depends on it!

So if you ever wanted to know how you can stay healthy, what you can do when you get sick, or if you've ever heard, "You should consider reducing the congestion in your lymph system", then read on!

The body has 5 major eliminative systems, and it uses them in this order:

1.  Liver and bowel

2.  Kidney and bladder

3.  Lymphatic

4.  Lung

5.  Skin


Since the liver and bowel is the main go to system, consider what happens if you are constipated...the 5 lanes of traffic now goes down to 1!  The lymph system is the cell's go to source to release waste through the fluid that moves inside of and around the cells.  It then drains it to the liver.  They are a great team!

Most people don't know that your body actually has TWO circulatory systems.  We know, of course, about the heart and cardiovascular circulatory system, but the second is your  Lymphatic system!  It's really important, because it does not have a pump, like the heart to pump the system continuously.  The lymph system doesn't move unless YOU do!  So movement is important to keep the lymph system movement and prevent stagnation.  There is also an important difference in this circulatory system from the heart circulatory....the lymph system does not move through the organs like the blood does!  This is important because the lymph systems works FIRST, removing waste, toxins, bacteria, pathogens, etc.  If it traveled through the organs, we'd risk illness and waste deposit in those organs.  Are you getting the idea why it's so important to have lymphatic health?

You might know you need lymphatic support if:

* you have stressed skin

* you have post nasal drip

* you experience sinus infections, frequent sore throats, or strep throat or ear infections

* you have swollen lymph nodes

* you feel stressed, nervous energy

* your bowels seem off

* you want to be proactive about breast health

There are many options of support for the lymphatic system from Eliminator functional foods, to oil pulling, to lymphatic drainage, specialized lymph massage and more! 

Professional Nurse, Kim Anderson and I got together to talk Lymphatic Health and how it affects your Immune health.  Click to watch the video here.

Here's our eliminative support course for the Lymphatic and all 5 systems of elimination! 

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