How to See Your Way to What You Want

How to See Your Way to What You Want

Somedays you just feel like you are so far away from where you really want to be, right?  Perhaps you feel like you don't even really know what that is anymore.  And if you DO know exactly what you want, too many obstacles, right?  Can't find a way to figure it out?  Your head is confused and you just can't see clearly how it will work?    Financial problems the stopper?  Don't feel like you have real opportunities?

Okay, now that I've named about 95% of readers, what to do about it?  Well, that's a whole challenge in and of itself and it's a whole lifelong journey.  It's the steps that we take everyday that help to take us from where we are to where we want to be.  Those daily steps are through are actions, our words, our attitudes and vibrations, the learning we take on for ourselves, our active efforts to grow.  This blog post idea works towards that attempt.  It's the little steps we do every day that move us forward, so here is a simple exercise to help get you there.

It is my belief that if you want something, if you really want something, this is what you think on, frequently, and that if you ARE frequently thinking on it, eventually it will manifest.  However, here is what I find, a little glitch that prevents the manifesting.  You are thinking on how it won't work.  You mentally mourn why you can't have what you want, you list in your mind all the reasons it won't work.  When things go wrong in the day, you point to it and say, "See, it's why I should be doing....such and such instead..."

It would make sense, then that we would direct our minds to what we want, right?  This is where an image comes in handy.  If we have an image, we can allow our minds to spend time in the space of what that picture looks like.  Not the reasons we can't have it, or wondering if we SHOULD have it, but spending time imagining exactly what it will be like.  Your decisions and actions will naturally work towards that effort, if your picture is clear.

Here's the thing.  If something within you is something you really want, it WILL work its way out to the surface.  If you deny it, it still works its way out.    If you have an idea, but keep pushing it down "because you can't envision it"  or "you don't know how to make it happen", a true heart's desire will keep pushing outward because alignment is your soul's job.  This will happen in the form of things in your current life not working out, challenges, hard feelings, frustration.  You see these as bad things or "someone's really got it in for you".  When really it is life helping you work out and away the things that you have said are preventing you from having it all.  Do you see how life is always trying to serve you?

So here's a new positive challenge for you.  This works even if you don't have a clear vision of what you DO want.  Decide something you want.  For example:  I coached a client who just didn't enjoy her life, any part of it.  She could see where it had potential and she didn't want to leave her life, but there were too many ways she felt stopped and stuck.  Because of her responsibilities to her family, she didn't feel like she could even move into something that she wanted for herself.  She certainly didn't have an image of who she would be outside of her family...YET.  So I suggested she start with something small.  She repeatedly said she did not love living her life.  She had a boring life.  So my suggestion was to journal every day how she ALREADY had an amazing life and how she loved living it!

Here's the challenge:

Write the image you want.  (If it's something you clearly know, all the better.  If not, go with something like the example above.)

Every day, write a list in a journal and date it how you ALREADY have it.  Unbelievably you will be able to look over your day and start training the mind to see how you are already working things out for yourself.  Because you are consciously activating the mind to notice the life you want, the subconscious will start coming into alignment rather than create more reasons why you CAN'T.  Be careful what you ask for, because just know that life will have no choice but to work out situations (in happy and even in hard ways) for your happiness.  But in the end, you'll have what you wanted.   If nothing else, it will put you in a state of gratitude, which is a higher vibration to be attracting in anyway!


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