How to Write an Image

How to Write an Image

How to Write an Image

Using the Image Points Worksheet  (add to "cart" for free download)


1. Write the picture of the image you are working on.

For example:

Image for my children,

The Health of my Children,

My work life,

My financial image


2. Write the date. It is great to look back on when you think you are making no progress, you can see how far you have come, and what truly has manifested.


3. Write all the details you can think of of what success in this area looks like to you. AKA: what, in detail, is it that you want. Pretend you see it as if it is already happening and you are watching it in a movie, or reading it in a book. Now describe what that looks like to someone else. These are the things you write in the Image Points.


Example: My Work Life

I am part of purposeful work

I help people

I work from home in a quiet office. It looks like this… or, This is how I imagine it….

I work from 6-1pm three days a week

I wear workout clothes

I make $1000 a week doing this purposeful work

I am so happy and grateful. So be it and so it is


4. The middle boxed section are all of the things you have told yourself or have heard in your head, or from others about why it won’t work. These are the changed concepts about what you previously been hearing.


When the concept has been “It won’t work. Working from home doesn’t work” ,

The new concept that you write is what you need to believe instead, in order for your image to manifest. This is now something you can tell yourself, and a response you can have when someone says it to you. My new concept is: “Working from home is a viable option. Many people are finding it to work out. It is a real thing.”


This boxed section is what I tell people to make copies of and hang them everywhere, and put in your pocket. They are the new messages you need to be telling yourself about your desired image. It is about changing the habit you have been involved in, and this takes a retelling of new ideas, repeatedly.



5. The last section are the faith action steps; the steps you can take right now toward your image. It’s not about you forcing it, it’s about letting the flow of life and the law of attraction operate. It takes you believing in this new picture, and if you believe the picture is real you will be acting in ways that say it is real. In our example, Your work life image working from home, you would act in ways that say it is real, like you would be setting up an office to work from, and starting to design your choices around this new image.


To begin getting help, it might help to back up and download our "Help Me" application and work through the process.  It's a free download.  Scroll down our home page and find the "Help Me" Logo

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