If That's Your Concept, 5 Daily Habits to Enhance What You Attract

If That's Your Concept, 5 Daily Habits to Enhance What You Attract


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When I'm writing books, conducting workshops, training the next generation, and working with individual clients, I am most often focusing on where we want to go from here.  I believe no matter where someone has BEEN, the fact that they are HERE NOW is the most important part, and we move forward with gratitude and feeling out the next step. 

However, there are many occasions in which individuals come specifically to work through an identifiable past negative experience.  Even more commonly is the work we do that helps a person understand the imprint, the coding of why a person plays out what they do in their life.  It is this conceptual coding that allows us to CHOOSE a new conscious effort, creating an action plan if you will, towards bringing more success in any area of their life.   So, these exercises can have a way of working out something you want to move away from in your life, as well as things you want to move INTO. 

Once you identify this old concepts that have a way of working the marionette strings on your life, it's important to keep being aware as you move on through your days.  Being aware of the things you say and do can bring them to your conscious attention where you are then able to decide if those things bring you to the places you want to go.  

Now what do you do so you keep growing and don’t let old concepts become habit again?

Concept Work for the improvement of your life, health, and happiness takes time. Just like learning any new skill, the success of mastering it takes daily practice. The good thing is you are LIVING anyway. You might as well start living in a way that is effective towards what you desire. The following are 5 essentials to keep your concept work moving.

Continuous Timeline

This exercise takes one of the exercises I construct with clients I work with, called the Timeline of Events.As a ͩdaily workͪ, it involves keeping this timeline available continuously. Keep it hanging somewhere so that you can see it. When looking at it triggers a new memory, add it to your timeline, and go through the process of identifying what it taught you, rewriting the script, if necessary, and construct NEW images. Keeping the timeline around and in view, allows you to keep working on past concepts while forming the new. You never know, you may have insight to these old stories when you least expect it.

Affirmations List

This is what we call your ͩnew conceptsͪ.  When you have constructed your timeline, or any other exercise that has helped you identify faulty, limiting concepts, you will have created a list of essentially ͩthe oppositeͪ thought, or what you would choose instead. Keep this list with you at all times. Put it in your pocket to read throughout the day, leave them on post it notes throughout your home, work, and car. Write them on your bathroom mirrors. Write them down, think them, say them aloud. They are basically your own personal ͩLife’s Little instruction Manualͪ.


Just as you have already done during your Concept Work, once you have identified your new concepts and created your Affirmations List, it’s important to put your attention on watching to attract it, and notice how it IS playing out in your life. Take one that calls to you each day and journal how it IS already true in your life. For example: If you identified a new concept to be: I am healthy, you would watch for all of the ways that your body is doing what it needs to keep itself safe. It may also be you noticing all the healthy choices you are making. Do journaling of your new healthy concepts daily.

Stop ‘em at the Gate

This is where you challenge the NEW thoughts, events, challenges, ideas that are happening day to day. It’s easiest to change concepts BEFORE THEY EVEN ENTER YOUR MIND, than to have to heal those that were traumatic in the past. LIke a pimple, they tend to grow over time, so handle them before they become big. Stop this by challenging them before they enter your mind. You can use the phrase, "If that’s my concept!" as you hear yourself saying or thinking something. This will stop you and make you take a look at it and see if you do indeed, want to accept it as a useful principle to keep in your mind.


Now is the time to determine who it is you want to be, and what you want in your life. Develop an image board, a dream board, a vision board, whatever you would like to call it, of words, pictures, doodles, drawings, photos, etc. Let this show a picture of the life you want. Now, DAILY act as if. Ask yourself before you head out for the day: What must I BECOME to manifest this image? It might be good for you to do a morning journal and then a meditation on this person to empower yourself before you start your day. For example. If you see yourself as a professional business owner that is strong and confident, how would you be sitting? Talking? Acting? Thinking? Doing? What kinds of activities would this person engage in? Meditate on this image daily and see yourself as this person. See it so clearly that you can FEEL it. What does it FEEL like to sit in that professional office. To feel the leather of the chair you chose, the suit you are wearing, etc. Apply this to ANY image you created, but use ALL 5 SENSES to help you feel into it.

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