Kick Anxiety With This Quick 8 Layers Deep Exercise

Kick Anxiety With This Quick 8 Layers Deep Exercise

One important stress causing and anxiety inducing component is living off of "pat answer" decisions that create our life.  Suddenly we find that we are not where we want to be and can't seem to find our way out...feeling a little (or a lot!) stuck even.

Today on our Podcast channel, we are starting to explore the topic of Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Our Bucket List!  Our episode today is less than 10 minutes, a quick little refresher with an exercise called 8 Layers Deep.  It includes an easy way to follow the rabbit hole to the core reasons we might be making the decisions that bring us to where we are, and how to change that!  Find the episode here.

"Bring it to the Table" is DrFoodie's podcast where we're getting real and getting personal outside of a clinic space.  DrFoodie combines the art and science of healing and healthy lifestyle through the two biggest tools in our toolkit: our food and our thoughts! Straight forward and witty, she's a champion of hope for allergy, anxiety, and autoimmune sufferers everywhere, and those that just want to live healthier and happier.  Find our podcast here:

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