Master Your Mind!

Master Your Mind!

As you are finding out, Conceptology goes beyond "positive thinking".  It is about developing awareness of your concepts and then actively healing them, changing and choosing new.  But "positive thinking" is the vehicle for the HABIT of getting into a new mindset.  Both so that the cells receive new messages, and also so that you elevate your vibration for the Law of Attraction and you become a better "antenna of receptivity".

If you want to change your path, then be the master over what is in the mind!  Choose what you think!  Choose what you put in your mind!  Be the master!  Your thoughts are powerful.  The words people speak to you that you choose to accept are powerful.  These thoughts and words are what you hold as “concepts” in your mind.

  1. Your mind and what you put in it are very powerful.  And it is all based on what YOU choose to accept in!  Are you reading books, articles, newspapers, magazines, watching tv or movies that infect your mind with concepts that produce negative consequences?  Worse yet, are you choosing to accept these concepts?  

I worked with a woman recently who listened to a powerful and inspiring speech about a woman who advocated for her own health.  This speaker said, "If the pain had gone away, I would not have stayed at the hospital and they would not have discovered that my colon had a kink in it and I could have died."

This client accepted this powerful experience so deeply that a slipped joint and inflamed muscle became a fear concept so great that she found herself in the ER not even 8 hours from accepting the fear concept.   Now, obviously, if one needs medical care, that is what they must do, as there is great harm to "ignoring".  However, there is also great harm to "ignorance" of proper functioning of the body, the structure and actions of the muscle and joint injury that could have saved a lot of time, money, and fear.  In the end, she got a clean bill of health from the medical doctor, and we went about dealing with the concepts behind her fear, and how readily she received a new deep fear based concept and why.

You may watch a tv ad and see a beautiful woman.  Do you accept the concept that this appearance is what women should look like?

You may see an ad for a pharmaceutical.  Are you willing to accept the concept and thus the consequences  of believing this pharmaceutical is the only thing that will cure you?

  1. Your mind is valuable so don’t let just anybody go walking around up there!

Are you willing to accept the comments your parent made about your weight, your appearance, your choices?  It is important to go about being YOU, and understanding that every opinion you value, accept and receive as truth, should not be worth more than your OWN belief and opinion.  Know who you are letting go walking around in the sacred space of your mind, depositing faulty concepts that won't work in your favor. 

If someone told you you couldn’t do the job, are you going to listen?  Make decisions based on what is true for YOU.

  1. Your mind is valuable so watch what YOU are saying to yourself!

Not only is it important for you to be conscious of what OTHER people's concepts you are accepting, but If, for example, you’ve been telling yourself you are fat, will this help to create a reality in which you are thin and healthy?

If you’ve been saying “this is the only way”, will you be open to recognizing new avenues when they present themselves?


Understand that truth isn't truth unless it's true for you.  What do I mean by that?  A color blind man didn't believe me that the sky was blue, he had just been told it WAS.  For him, the sky was green.  He chose to accept BLUE as truth because THE MAJORITY believe it is, when really, it isn't blue at all, it only LOOKS blue because of the bouncing spectrum of colored light.  Truth is subjective, and now, if it has never been before, is a good time to start checking your own beliefs and see what is TRUE for YOU.

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