Transitional Diet Options Chart: Easy Meal Planning for Non-Vegans

Transitional Diet Options Chart: Easy Meal Planning for Non-Vegans

What to Eat


Natural Diet Options

 Follow 7D Nourishment to keep in balance so that a good majority of intake is coming from vegetation.  (70% vegetation/ 30% meat/grain/conventional foods)


*Adapt to your particular ideals and needs

*Avoid any foods you are allergic to

*Discuss with your health practitioner

Note: This plan includes all options, including IF you eat meat. If not, simply opt out and replace the meat options with the non meat options. Add to it and make your own adaptations



Greek yogurt (high protein) with quarter of an apple or fruit in season in the yogurt. Can use agave to sweeten or stevia is better for diabetics. Add a ½ oz raw nuts. Do not use any sweetener if candida is an issue. Can add vegetarian protein powder to it.

An omelet made with egg whites or whole organic eggs, add veggies and sea salt, with herbal tea and ½ a fruit (apple, pineapple or papaya for the enzymes)

Gluten free whole grain cereal in organic soy or almond milk, add fresh fruit and raw nuts. Can add pea protein powder or other vegetarian protein powder

Dairy free shake: Vegetarian protein powder (like Garden of life raw organic meal) with nutrients, probiotics, and greens. Use with rice or almond milk

Lunch or Dinner


Chicken breast, turkey, lean meat, 3-4 oz (1-2 times a week each). With 2 vegetables options

Salad with six types of raw vegetables( for dressing use cold pressed olive oil, sea salt, apple cider vinegar or lemon and oregano), cooked vegetables or soup(no grains in soup)

Baked fish like salmon, tilapia, trout, white fish, salad as above, steamed vegetables and or soup(add seaweed, nori or wakame or kelp to soup, which adds loads of trace minerals

Bean or tofu/tempeh/soy combined with a whole grain , Salad as above, Steamed vegetables and/or soup

2-3 oz of brown rice or quinoa or millet or root vegetables, salad as above, steamed vegetables and/or soup(no flesh foods at evening meal if you already have a toxic liver

2 eggs served any way, salad as above, and a soup

Serving of beans with cilantro and mexican spices and vegetables, roasted vegetables of peppers, carrots, taro, daikon, rutabaga

Rice and beans, with roasted vegetables, as many options as possible






Protein shake

Fruit or small handful of dried fruit

Handful of nuts

Leftovers from your previous meal


Nuts and seed/nutbutters and seedbutters

Raw vegetable juices

Vegetable snack sticks

Protein bites

Homemade protein or granola bar

Healthy Eating Habits


Drink lemon water immediately upon waking, before food consumption.

Eat biggest meal at breakfast, small meal for supper

Be relaxed and don’t rush

Chew well and do not drink liquids with your meal

Drink lemon water, but not around or during meal times

Do not overeat

Avoid all refined and processed foods, as they are very acidic

Avoid pork and pork products 

Avoid sugary and rich desserts and all junk foods

Eat dinner no less than 3 hours before bed

Go to bed by 10pm to save adrenals. The adrenals repair between 10-2

If eating flesh foods, eat them at lunch but not at supper as it will interfere with proper detoxification

Have fresh vegetables juices for a snack throughout the day. Carrot, cucumber, spinach and celery are best bases. Add beets, cilantro, parsley as detoxification staples.

Eat fish at least twice a week, but avoid shellfish

Avoid worry and stress, use bach flower remedies and balancing methods

Avoid foods you are intolerant to

Pray intentions over the food you take in



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