Natural Sources of Iron

Why you need it:

Iron is imperative for our very existence as it is a protein in our red blood cells that transports oxygen and thus nutrients, since nutrients are carried on oxygen. Not only that, but waste products moves with this flow of oxygen necessity also! For every function if living, iron is important.
It is especially necessary for menstruating women, pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with celiac disease or other diseases that prohibit nutrient absorption.
We know that iron comes from sources like red meat and liver, but what if you are vegan, vegetarian, don't prefer those options or simply want to shake it up?
Check out some of the sources I've listed below.

Where to get it:

In addition to the known sources of red meat, liver, beans, lentils (have a whopping 7.5 gm in 1 cup!) clams ( a whopping 23 gms, yes you heard med, 23 grams!!!)Raisins, dried fruit, and tofu are other acceptable sources.
Black bean and rice burritos are a great source for celiacs.
Lentils and cut up peppers is great for celiacs also with great flavor.
Spinach tossed into salads and frozen, it's blends well in smoothies.
Black strap molasses has 3.5 gms in a serving and makes fantastic gingerbread cookies. Who knew getting healthy could taste so yummy!
For more information on dealing with food absorption due to a celiac or digestive disturbance, you can learn more at Nutrient absorption has to be worked on harder by those with digestive disturbances because of the inflammation and damage associated with those conditions. Because of this, I wrote a quick self help guide book called " No Grain, No Pain" and you can find that at the store to help power pack your eating style to get the most benefit from your foods.

What can iron deficiency mean metaphysically?

Because I believe in HOLISTIC, Functional wellness, I believe that all layers of the life are involved. I would search your life for areas where you feel as if you are not moving with the breath of life, where your life does not carry flow and energy. I would look to your moral concepts about eating animal products. It is possible you could rejecting nutrients from animal products if you are not entirely comfortable eating them. I would also do some grounding work that keeps you balanced and living in the now. Ask yourself where you are spending yourself daydreaming and what it is in your life you want to be creating.

Symptoms of iron deficiency:

Fatigue, faintness, dizzy spells, and lethargy are all common signs that you may be needing iron in your diet. If you have a bleeding disorder, notice blood in your stools or urine, these are all signs that something bigger may be going on and you will want to discuss this with your health provider. Iron deficiency that is prolonged can lead to fainting and heart problems, as it is important for those red blood cells to stay moving and circulate oxygen throughout the body. It is not enough to simply breathe deeper (which is great anyway), but the proper nutrient of iron is necessary.
If you are pregnant, you will also be needing greater iron intake as baby is building those blood cells left and right!
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