Non Toxic Beauty Care

More and more people are paying attention to the quality of the health and environments around them. I LOVE IT! It is so much to see a whole culture of people evolving. Whether it's getting back to roots, or discovering natural methods, or simply just wanting to feel better, I love to see people want to educate themselves, empower themselves, and improve parts or whole pieces of their lives.
I work with a lot of women and a HUGE topic is health or health scares due to toxic and unfriendly body care products. We are incredibly exposed to a substantial amount of toxins simply from the products we use EVERY DAY! Never has a group had more unnecessary negative effects than today's women. Many are wanting to discover better ways to look better, feel better, age better, and do it without harmful consequences.
I have been surprised and blessed that one of the avenues I get to coach other women on natural health is through the pageantry circuit as Mrs. Morrison County 2017 and getting to move through to the state pageant in April. One of those huge defining moments in life was getting to promote and take a look at what it was that I really wanted to empower women to do. Beauty Without Consequences seemed a natural fit. This has changed how I am seeing beauty health in women. It also helped me put together programs to help women get started. Lastly, and quite fun, has been that my company is now working on formulating our own cosmetics and cosmeceuticals (body care applications that nourish the body while they are worn/used). Our line is called "Unconditional Beauty" with the tagline being the same as my platform for Mrs. MN: Beauty Without Consequences. I love that I get a new avenue to help women empower themselves and truly let their beauty shine.
How to get started, you ask?
I refer many people to the toxic cosmetic database at Skin deep. The website is They are fantastic at helping you construct your own toxin report so that you can see how healthy your beauty bag is and what needs to be changed. You simply enter in a brand, a name, or an ingredient, and it tells you how toxic it is and what potential threats it carries. That is a great place to get started.
There are a few thought-provoking worksheets I put together to help women get started that you can access as well and take a personal approach to cleaning up your beauty cabinet. One thing I love is that by following natural healthy approaches inside and out, you look more alive and youthful every day.

Here's one for your own personal Toxic Product Inventory, to see how toxic your products are.

This one I call My Beauty Why's because it helps you decide what it is you are trying to achieve and thus, what products your really need (as opposed to conventional media dictating that to us)

I put together one called My Beauty Image. After you know what you are trying to achieve and why, this will help you create your image on how you plan to see yourself from here on out. Once you have an image, it's simple to make decisions: does it go with your image or not?

I honor you in EVERY way that you are choosing to make your life healthier, it makes the whole world a healthier place!
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