Onboard Flight Panel

The first Natural Source office...oh memories! 300 sq ft of terrifying bliss!

I started her journey in natural health with major debilitating illnessess including Ulcerative Colitis and life changing food allergies and intolerances that led to multiple "incurable" digestive disturbances.

"The symptoms were horrible and embarrassing. In addition to that, because with malabsorption that comes along digestive illnesses the rest of your health is impaired because of lack of nutrients getting in efficiently, more and more conditions and symptoms manifested.

But I was where you are; symptoms with no results doctor after doctor, things stayed the same and nothing worked.

That's when "fate" led me to discover healing through methods of natural health. I will never forget that angel who introduced me and pointed me down the direction towards the beginning of my natural health education.
Long story short...

I HEALED! And I knew that I had my hands on something great and began to share what I learned with others. Soon the requests for appointments required me to open my first Natural Source Center. Five months after that, I had maxed the space and moved to a larger space and took on affiliates to help share their individual expertise. A year and a half later, we moved into a much larger space and more affiliates.

I got the incredible blessing of continuing my education as I worked with some amazing people that trusted me and formed a composite with me to unite and help them heal.

I started as a digestive specialist but started seeing that people with other symptoms started coming to me with great results. To date, I've had the pleasure of getting to help people to help their bodies to do what they were meant to do; people with everything from skin conditions to cancers.

Because I realized IT'S ALL THE SAME! The body doesn't care WHAT WE CALL THE ILLNESS, it knows what to do if we just allow it to do so. It tells us continuously what's going on with it. We have our own "Onboard flight panel"that tells us exactly what to do.

Our cells have an amazing intelligence comprised with an individual code...a code made up by our genetics, our nutrients, our toxins, even our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Everything that we have chosen to situate ourselves in, around, near, inside of us and even in our subconscious becomes part of this code.

Now, I'm helping others break this code. You can discover the culprit codes of energy and use energy healing to assist your body.

I can't say that I CURE anything. (nobody can, really, as only the body is able to do that). I and my methods are simply here to share experiences and assist the body's OWN EFFORTS to heal. And when you have health, you have a greater opportunity to achieve everything you want out of life.

Health maximizes your potential for everything else!

Now, I will tell you that I am not a MD and you should take none of this in place of your doctor's advice. However, if you knew something that you could assist your own body with, wouldn't you want to know? Let the doctor's deal with your acute needs. PLEASE DO! But let's learn to listen to YOUR BODY and help it get better and better....a REAL PREVENTION METHOD!

And these methods have helped people with lifelong food allergies to be able to eat again, to have amazing weight loss, to get relief from skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis. I've gotten to work with people who transformed their thyroid troubles, their hormone complaints, digestive troubles like Crohns' ,Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis and IBS.
I've gotten to help people ALL OVER THE WORLD!

For a LONG time, I thought I had to keep a wellness center to help people and teach them these methods. I didn't even want to share using a website or emails because I didn't want to "bother anyone"... Until I realized I was benefitting people more by TEACHING them outside of the clinic.
THEY WANTED THIS INFORMATION and I know YOU DO TOO! Or you would have stopped reading long ago.
I started writing books, teaching seminars, and coaching people to have the same success I had with my own health and thus with my own life because I know I am not the only one who wanted a better life.
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