Decisions That Work in Your Favor With This One Simple Understanding

Decisions That Work in Your Favor With This One Simple Understanding

Our lives are run day in and day out by the choices we make.  This is no secret.  We all have this illusion of control.  What we may not understand is that those decisions are guided by our concepts: the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas we have and carry with us.  We picked these ideas up subconsciously, without even thinking about it as we grew through childhood to now.  These may have come from a parent, a teacher, an authority figure, or even a faulty thought we gave to ourselves.  Often times it is the ill-perceived idea, on OUR part, (the way we took it)even though the intention was good on the giver’s part.  

These concepts can be known or unknown to us as we are making any particular decision.  The concepts that guide our decisions can bring about “negative”  or  “positive” consequences depending on our perception.  Concepts develop habits.  Concepts and habits keep us trapped in an illusion that we have created as best we can to provide safety and security.  Concepts and habits prevent us from living in the now.  They keep us from having to “change”, heaven forbid!

Concepts create the pathology of our physical bodies, have an impact on our health, determine our future, even prevent weight loss.  Concept can also define our good life also, we just need to become aware of the faulty concepts and develop the habit of NEW concepts.

Often times, we don’t even recognize we are making a decision based on our concepts.  

We often believe we don’t have any say over our circumstances.

We don’t recognize that the decisions leading to “negative” outcomes are controlled by concepts regulating our decisions.

Once we are aware of our concepts, we can change them, thus changing our outcomes.

Your goal is to break the concept that says you have no choices.  You always have choices.  Choices are the only things, made in the now, that create your future.


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