Quinoa Burgers

Quinoa Burgers

Quinoa "Burgers"


2C oatmeal

2 C Quinoa cooked

4 eggs

I tsp salt

I tsp rosemary

3 cloves garlic

I tsp thyme

¼ c shredded chopped carrots

½ c  finely chopped onion



Patty into quarter cup patties and fry on both sides on a pan greased with 1 tbsp vegetable oil.

One nutrient that you’ll find rich in these Quinoa Burgers is manganese.  Manganese is found in the quinoa itself and one serving alone provides 59.2mg. 1

This dish is excellent culinary medicine for those with osteoporosis.  Manganese is one of the trace minerals important to influencing bone health.  It is critical to bone formation and connective tissue.1 Deficiency in these trace minerals, including manganese lends to accelerated bone loss in older years, which can increase risk of fractures.2 Those with osteoporosis should be monitored for trace minerals and include food choices that take trace minerals into consideration.

In diabetics, quinoa is an excellent choice.  It is important to consume foods that contain fiber and whole grain, whose absence are known to be related to diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease3 and considered to be a strong part of a diabetic diet.  Quinoa is rich in fiber and as a pseudo grain, is lower on the GI index4 and contains less carbohydrates than other types of grains.  The other main ingredient, oatmeal is similar to quinoa on the GI index and in glycemic load.4  A diet rich in whole foods like fruit, vegetables, legumes and minimally processed grains and pseudo grains like quinoa can slow the pace of glucose absorption, making them appropriate foods for those with diabetes.5


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