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For the past 12 years I have enjoyed, learned and grown with my clients in the field of Natural Health, with my natural innate abilities and interests being  in Nutritional Biochemistry,  Nutritional Psychology and Concept Pathology.   There is something to be said about finding what truly makes up your heart, and following it with a passion. It is divine plan in this way, or I fear one may never find their way without the passion of self discovery, wanting to know what was guiding you, along the way.  In life iit is emphasized constantly that everything happens for a reason, and I learned long ago to turn myself over to it, not judging it along the way, but always open to finding the lesson.  It turns out, I am not immune and as the Divine would have it, my experiences in my own life have led me along the way, changing things I was scared to change, separating things I didn’t want separated, ending things I didn’t want ended.  And bringing in the new.

Along my own journey, I see how everything has played it’s part.  Though painfully, through my stories of divorce and the effects on my children, miscarriage and infant loss, and an ultimate test of survival through a crippling medical experience, my family and my Self keep evolving, as we all do along the innate path of guidance towards self actualization, being able to bring forth out into the world that which truly serves as a gift in one’s own life and becomes the expression of love, of service towards our world and the people in it.  

You can’t lose things and not change. It was the closing of my clinic that made me accumulate all of the losses over the last 7 years and decide who it was I was now, who  I wanted to be, and what I still had to offer.

It’s funny how all things happen with good in mind.  At the time of intense pain and loss, I was blind to this.  But looking back I can see how it all formed a reason and a way, out of it’s own self.  At this time, I’ve decided I won’t be going back into a clinic setting.  What I learned during my time shifting was how to create a life I truly loved to live. It is true that there is a silver lining to every cloud because out of necessity I closed my clinic doors, a very hard thing to do, I learned how to live my passion even as I was defying the death that was trying to consume me.  What came out of it was a way to live that passion, in a way I had never expected.  It was as if all the loss had to come just so I would get to this, to see this, and all the things I loved from childhood on, could come to fruition.  

Now I’m taking that passion for natural healing, through my interest in educating and counseling, through my knowledge of Nutritional Psychology and Biochemistry, and my experience in Concept Pathology by writing programs, recipes, books, articles, exercises, and tool products for people all over the world.  Where I am no longer holding ‘appointments’ in a clinic setting, I act as an educator and  consultant to those with a desire to heal, fully and entirely; as a consultant for schools and restaurants over their menus, and writing programs to serve for those that are learning to be Healers of the Next Generation.  I’m bringing back something I loved:  writing.  And I get to do it with what I know and what I love.

You’ve been seeing, I’m sure, blips of “DrFoodie” coming through on posts, advertisements, etc.  And that’s me.  I started cooking when I was 9, and before that I was learning about gardening.  I always had a love for nature, herbs, plants, and real food.  Food and herbs are the original medicine and DrFoodie reflects that in each recipe I develop.  Food is intentional and functional and it is only with it that makes up our body’s cells and tissues to form our body.  My favorite jobs involved food service and there is not a client I had that we didn’t discuss food and nourishment.  But food plays a conceptual role too, and the role of Concept Pathology became the second most talked about subject I would discuss with each client that came through my clinic doors.  If it is food that makes up our physical body, there is nourishment of another kind and that is nourishment of the soul and the self.  Of self awareness, self discovery and full circle to self actualization, where who you are and what you have to give is a natural outpouring from the self into the world.  The two cannot be separate.  

While there are many dimensions to health and wellness,and WHOLENESS of self,  DrFoodie is about the Health Freedom (and all freedom of self) that is discovered “Through Food and Finding Yourself.”

DrFoodie is the branding for all of this, for the blogs to help you along the way, for the food that helps you determine the way to eat that’s right for you, for the courses, programs and exercises to help you find freedom for yourself.   It is the clinical natural health practitioner that is there for you every minute of the day, to help you teach yourself  how to LIVE, through your own life experiences.

  • You’ll get articles that give quick guidance, insight and instruction into sustainability, natural health, natural living and lifestyles, known plant medicines, instructional videos.  
  • You’ll have the option to peruse recipes for healthy food that not only tastes good, but has a functional foundation(there’s a definite purpose for eating it).  
  • We have a blog called “Travel Eats” that seeks to help the health conscious and the dietary restricted to find safe, delicious places to eat by reviewing restaurants all around the nation and posting them in our blog.  
  • You’ll have an online community and a place to ask questions.  
  • You’ll have programs and courses and books that will change your life and if you want this new changed life to also change your LIVING, there are programs for that too, including business and wealth pathways for the healer.  
  • For every dimension of health and happiness there is, from purpose to body, to relationships, to business, there are online opportunities to learn.  There is even a student membership section so that you are guaranteed to keep receiving powerful insight and education at special prices.  

DrFoodie  is branded that way because it’s fun.  I am not a licensed medical doctor, nor licensed naturopathic physician, and I am happy to leave those professions to those gifted with them,  but I take the education of my life seriously and  I do hold a doctorate education as an NMD (Natural Medicine Doctor), and soon a PhD in Natural Medicine, and only hope it serves to extend to you as a resource that which you need to find your own Greatness Within.  I can’t wait to see how it does.  In this great, expanded, connected technological world that we live in, this is entirely possible, and I hope you stay connected with me on and share with me your experiences, how life is changing through your journey with it.  Peace.

“Be witness in your own happiness for what can happen when you choose to accept the innately Divine in and of you.”

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