Super Helpful When Vitamins, Antibacterials, and Disinfectants Are Out Of Stock.

Super Helpful When Vitamins, Antibacterials, and Disinfectants Are Out Of Stock.

While everybody is scurrying to protect, preserve, and promote health through ways to stock up and nutrients to boost their immune systems, let me remind you each of the very important principles that we may be overlooking. 

Of course nutrient support is important but there are some very important elements to the total health picture that we need to consider. 

Because the basis of my practice is FUNCTION, this means that I do not focus on symptoms and symptom relievers or even FIGHTING anything.  We work on not only assessing what is not functioning well in the body, but also perhaps WHY it's not functioning well.  All parts work together and in my opinion, it is most important to ensure the functional systems are doing their jobs, thus eliminating the need to fight, instead stocking the ammo for the body to do what it does best. 

Also, it's not ONLY about the strength of the immune system.  The strength of the immune system is determined in large part by what the cells can do, how well they can metabolize, utilize nutrients, and resist inflammation.  

Let's look at some functional tips to add to your arsenal of health fortifying options.

Read on...


1. Learn WHY its important to eat the way your body needs....then do it.

Eating isn't to fill you up, it's to make up what your body becomes.  We're not looking for a short burst engine cleaner by slamming nutrients when we're scared and in danger;  we're looking for clean fuel to supply the body what it needs.  

If you've been to any of my lectures, you might have heard me quote in my book, "Clean Your Plate", that "the blueberry won't cure you".  What I mean by this is that we don't need an every so often engine cleaner (the blueberry, or the Vitamin A, C, D currently), we need to put the right gas in the engine, repeatedly.  The cells of the whole body are made with everything we put into our bodies.  This determines their health expression, their ability to metabolize nutrients and toxins, their ability to reject or expel toxins or pathogens, and thus the health of the body overall.  This means routinely and regularly feeding the body not with "food stuffs" but with nourishment that comes from real food.  Certainly it's important to boost the immune system with the known "high powered fuel additives" Vitamin C, D, Zinc, A, and so forth, but focus on quality diet amazingly changes the health expression of the body pretty quickly.    Learn to eat right, according to the functions the food serves in your body to FUNCTION your body appropriately, not just for now, but your whole life.  Once you apply these ideas, it's amazing that in 2-3 days you can FEEL the change across your whole body. 

2. Optimize Your Cells for Action - Get the right FUNCTION of food

How the Cells Metabolize is Ultra Important!  This determines how well they will USE the nutrients you use AND what happens to the waste in and around them. 

The cells are responsible for two very large occupations:  taking in/using nutrients, and eliminating wastes.  If the cells are wrapped in inflammation, it makes both of these jobs very hard to do.  The trick is to reduce inflammation.  An EASY way to do this is to reduce inflammatory function foods like grain, refined sugar, and dairy.  Alcohol and too much meat can increase inflammation as well, along with any foods your particular body doesn't digest well.  I teach the functions of food so that EVERYONE can learn to use food to optimize their health, NOT just which foods are good to fight off whatever. 

Ideally eliminating those heavily inflammatory foods is best, however, even if you simply learned what the functions of the foods ARE you can chart them and observe so that you are not eating too many inflammatory foods.  Here is how to tally your food so that you are not getting too much inflammation just through your regular diet.   


3. Take Digestive Enzymes With Each Meal AND In Between Meals

Enzymes determine how well the cells work.

The nutrients you take in either through supplements or food is only as good as how well the cells can receive and use nutrients.  Enzymes help the body to break down the food into usable particles, AND break the food down into its chemistry.  All parts of this process must work well so that nutrients don't get rejected, can be bioavailable to the body, and their food chemicals can work for our nervous systems.  It's the nutrients that make up our body, remember, so making sure we can get the nutrients in usable form is very important.  Enzymes naturally come from raw fruits and vegetables, plant foods.  But there are some tricks to them. 

* We must eat them in raw or only slightly cooked form. 

* We must take the time to chew them to liquid before we swallow so they can mix with salivary juices before even getting to the stomach.   

* We must not overcook them or use microwaves which kill living enzymes.

* If you take them before a meal, they work to digest the food you are about to take in.  If you take them IN BETWEEN meals, they work in the bloodstream to digest foreign particles.  


4.   Don't alert the body's immune response system to FOOD when we want it to be focused on foreign invaders like virus and bacteria. 

What this means is that if you are eating foods that the body resists or puts up a fight against, like food intolerances, this engages the immune system to respond, and we certainly would rather it be gearing up to fight the bugs you're hoping to ward off. 

* If you have known allergies, or suspect food intolerances, now would be a great time to get an assessment on what foods are right for your body, or at the very least...

* make sure you are eating pure, clean unprocessed foods. 

*  Again, learn the Congestor Function of food (through the video above) and reduce/balance their consumption. 

* Supplementing with digestive enzymes is my go to for cellular performance when I need to know my body is getting the help it needs to break down and use, not reject, foods, as well as inflammation reversal diets like those I have on my course platform. 

We talk about those with auto immune conditions that leave the more susceptible, and having been an autoimmune survivor myself,  of course I have functional diets available for the immune suppressed to get their inflammation back in balance.

5.  Get the waste out

The second large job the cells each have is the ability to transfer waste outside of itself and into eliminative channels.  There are 5 eliminative systems:  Liver/bowel, Kidney, Lung, Lymph, Skin.  Cellular waste is excreted and it needs to clear through the lymphatic circulatory system and then moved to the organs that eliminate from the inside of the body to the outside. 

* Participating in lymphatic health exercises is a great option, as well as activities that support the integrity and functional ability of the 5 systems.

* These might include invigorating walks, lymphatic exercise, lymphatic massage, rebounding, etc.   

* The liver needs to be functioning well, so that the lymphatic fluid waste has a place to go and get out of the body.   Liver loving foods like dandelion, all green leafy, dande tea, ginger, onion, garlic, asparagus, artichoke and warm lemon tea in the morning are great supports

*  Make sure to have good bowel movements.   Eat more Eliminator function foods, Talk to us or your health practitioner if these are not normal.

*  Learn and use breathing exercises and "Change Your Breath, Change Your LIfe" to strengthen the lungs and move the lymph (and calm nerves!)

 *  Use this time to learn what the large organs need to eliminate better.  My course, "Functional Support  of the Eliminative Systems" teaches methods for all of the 5 eliminative systems.  We all need to come together and offer what we have for the good of the whole.  In that vein, this course is free this entire month to all who would care to make use of it.   You might want to browse around on the platform as now is a great time to look around and see where change is necessary in your life, you might find other courses to serve you. 

6.  Raise Your Vibration

Your emotions weigh in heavily. 

Now is not the time to panic.  Fear, anger, bitterness, revenge are all low vibrational emotion stored in our organs and our cells receive this vibration as it determines how the system will behave.  On an energetic level, I find the high vibrational support of emotional release and high vibrational energy techniques like this one to be very useful.  It focuses on the 5 major eliminative organs listed above, and if nothing else, it keeps you in a focused positive frame of mind.  

7.  Use What You've Got

When vitamin sources, collloidal silver, and herbal remedies are out of stock ( as many are) use what you have. 

* Protein powders from hemp, pea or rice proteins are excellent sources of bioavailable whole nutrition, and most certainly contain A,D, E, C, Zinc, Selenium, etc.  Plus, they are powder form and a greater chance that your body will absorb them.

* Look to smoothie additions like powdered Goji berries, which are a great source of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A forms the stronghold of defense around the cells. 

* Make use of network marketing companies that have nutrition.  Their supply might be greater for the time being and you can often find nutrient superfood juices that are easy to digest, reducing any unnecessary inflammatory burden, and gives powerful additional nutrition.

* Order digestive enzymes. Your wellness or health practitioner can help you decide what's right for you.   Most people don't know how important they are and when fresh produce supply runs low and our gardens aren't ready yet, these are available and ready for use.

*  A "Hair Skin Nail" vitamin formula can have high doses of the vitamins like A, D, C that are currently out of stock everywhere.

* Garlic, ginger, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary all have beneficial healing properties.  Carrots, butternut squash, rutabaga are all good sources of Vitamin A, necessary to support the "defense line" surrounding the cells.  

* Thyroid nutrient (non glandular) support formulas contain many of the same necessary nutrients mentioned and are excellent to support the thyroid, which is a big metabolic regulator, determining the health of your cells.

* Call on the wellness practitioners.  This is what they are trained for...keeping your body WELL.  They can help see how your body is functioning, where inflammation and imbalances are, what nutrients would best serve, and more.  Also, they might have access to nutrients you can't find on the shelves.  What's more, most can and have been set up conduct private Telehealth appointments long before we were forced to, like our services here


* Obviously this information is for educational purposes and does not constitute nor substitute for medical care.  Use common sense and discuss with your practitioner what is right for you. 


Amanda Plevell, PhD, CNHP is a Natural Medicine Practitioner, researching Cellular Biochemistry and the effects that food, disease, experiences, emotions, and beliefs play into the programming of the cells, along with the resulting health expression. As a popularly followed Intuitive Life Coach, she is the founder of the Natural Source Companies and The Success Conditioning Academy. Author of over 28 natural health and self development books, she is sought after in the arenas of education, functional wellness, and business development. Her bestselling books include such titles as " The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal: The Genesis Code", and "Clean Your Plate". When she's not serving at her Minnesota-based practice, she spends her time homeschooling her children along with her husband, growing food, and making garden medicines. You can access her courses at her online hub: Health Rocks Cafe, found at


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