The #1 Reason People Don't Change Their Lives.  Are you doing this?

The #1 Reason People Don't Change Their Lives. Are you doing this?

The universe is progressive.  What that means is that it is always changing.  If all the planetary bodies complete their cycles, and yet YOU are still where you were at the beginning of it, 365 days earlier, you are not actually the SAME, you have REGRESSED.  

There is not stopping change, but change does not have to be met with a sense of foreboding.  

The #1 reason people don't step out and try to make their life better in the ways that they want to is the fear of CHANGE.  They wonder what will happen if they "fail".  They don't know what it will look like, what the consequences could come with it, and consequently, we never CONSCIOUSLY change.  Well, since change happens anyway, all that means is that we have progressed to the point where change happen WITHOUT US and WITHOUT OUR INPUT!

We are naturally innately creators!  We are co-creators in our fates.  You might want to read this post on  how to be a creator for your life.

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So what if you choose "wrong"?  What if you regret your choice?  What if it doesn't work out?  

Here's how to make sense of the so called "failure" that could potentially happen with any growth process.  

Any delay, or a turn of events that is not what you would prefer, is simply a DELAY not a "NO".  It is a delay so that you can grow.  It is a delay because something is happening so that you can adapt, grow the capabilities and abilities necessary to reach your image, your goal, your destination.  It is a "delay" in our terminology, but "right timing" according to spirit.  All things are aligning and the skills, situations, people, and events are lining up.  This is NOT a time to give up on your image.  This is  time to reinforce for yourself your image.  It is not a time to reverse, it is a time to keep acting as if your image is already here.  

And if something doesn't work out, it is a prototype and each time it gets better, so do it again and do it better.  Did you know that Heinz 57 sauce is called that because it is the 57th adaptation of the recipe?  

Consider yourself a work in progress!

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