The 4 Constructive Energies Guaranteed to Bring Back the Spark of Life

The 4 Constructive Energies Guaranteed to Bring Back the Spark of Life

Sometimes we can get so tied up in to the daily to dos of our day, that over time it begins to feel very routine, and the routine of it, in itself leas to monotony, mundane-ness, and boredom.  What happened to that life of possibility, hope and excitement you used to live?  What happened to feeling creative, good, happy and joyful about waking up to start your day?

If you've been feeling slightly less than stimulated, this article is a good find for you.  

In the world of the ego, there are four energies that keep us focusing on the world of illusion, keep us separate, and keep us functioning through the idea of our personal history, rather than the life that is lived out in the moments.  These energies are:  stress, aggression, unhappiness, and lack.  Engaging in these energy patterns keep you tied to an illusive world, of despair, bitterness, torture and pain.  They are what keep you unforgiving, hurting from past experiences, and blocking seeing your joy in the present, creating hope for the future. 

To shed indifference, LOVE is the highest vibration, to see all beings as love and to see your connection to all of that.  Frankly, when you are in a state of lack, however, and you are feeling unfulfilled yourself, most likely giving out more of yourself than is in proper balance, this is a hard one to reach.  But the 4 energy patterns in which you can IMMEDIATELY engage in and feel IMMEDIATE benefit are:  Creativity, spontaneity, vitality and drive.  

feel alive and free

All of these 4 energies are CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGIES, meaning they work TOWARDS the creation of your soul.  They build your soul, your mind, your spirit, and your positive emotions in the here and now.  Plus they are NON-LIMITING.  Compared to the 4 de-constructive energies of the ego world, you can see the difference.

Creativity can be ANY form of creativity.  Creativity means conjuring something that wasn't there before.  It can be thoughts, art, music, paintings, sculpture, cooking, gardening, architecture, and more.  Don't think you're good at any of that?  Grab a coloring book.  Or, go play with kids.  Kids are creating all the time.  It's what their play is all about.  They are constructing worlds, living in them for a period of time, just to try them out.  They will start aligning with the worlds they construct according to what makes them feel most alive.  Children are therefore our best teachers in the world of creativity.   In creativity YOU are creating the world in which you wish to live.  And it starts with something small.  Don't make it a "task" or something off of your to do list, but choose something that lets you let your inner heart be present in front of you.

Spontaneity is an important energy in that it is one of the only energies whose very PURPOSE is to give us situations in which we need to be creative.  Think about it:  you move through your well planned day, anticipating everything and knowing just what to expect.  Where is the mental stimulation in that? The brain builds new neurons with each new thing it must learn.  Performing the same tasks day in and day out does not stimulate new neurons to form, creating stagnation...and boredom.  However, taking a break from our daily grind doesn't serve only to break up the monotony, it places us in situations in which we DON'T know what to expect, therefore stimulating us to create anew.  It doesn't teach us just to try new things, it teaches us how to adapt.  That is why I would MUCH rather NOT go to a hotel, waterpark, theme park, etc.  Because YOU'VE PLANNED IT OUT.  I would much rather go hiking, biking, exploring where I don't have an itinerary, deadline, or time to be anywhere.  Let my mind re-discover the world around me and deal with comes up as it comes up.  (of course taking a day off and going to a water park is spontaneous and a break away, so definitely do it if that's where your interests are, I'm just saying doing something spontaneous also means doing something unplanned, where you can't know ahead of time exactly what to expect).

Vitality is the passion and live behind living.  Trying new things creates this vitality.  Without knowing what to expect, but getting excited about what may be in store for you in the day is a great way to bring a full feeling of life throughout your being.  Vitality allows us to live excited, never knowing what is coming, living with passion, and waking up excited for the day.  Vitality is determining to be in love with life, or at least to not have judgement of what life brings, good or bad.  Being alive is different than FEELING alive. When was the last time you DID something that made you feel alive?  Do you even know what those things are?  Not only that, but have you ever taught yourself how to determine not to live in judgement of good or bad, but to just live giving the benefit of the doubt, DETERMINING to get the most life out of everything?  These lessons can help.

Drive.  I don't mean the ego driven drive of ambition, but the drive of the desire born of your heart and soul which makes you feel passionate about life.  For example, I love reading, discovering, exploring, then turning that information around into usable information and programs for others to grow from.  It is one of the things that makes me feel alive.  Even if not a single person read what I created, I would still do it anyway, because it is something my soul just wakes up to do.  Same with cooking, creating whole plant based, life loving and giving foods.  I would still do this even if no one watched my video.  Or making music, or art.  I do it because it is just the expression of me coming forth.  The problem I see is that people get caught up in being driven towards lower level achievements, like money and power.  They are caught up in illusive drive, or worse yet, they don't even know what IS the expression of themselves coming forth.  Learning to know yourself and being confident in that self is the drive of the soul to emerge.  Discovering yourself is important work.



Make love out into the world, y'all.  Love yourself.  Love people.  Be Alive.

In love,



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