The 7 Secrets to FEELING Energetic That Energetic People Know

The 7 Secrets to FEELING Energetic That Energetic People Know

If you're feeling emotional, depressed, un-well, lethargic or low energy, you're going to want to read this! 

Of course we know food provides energy to the body's use.  It is the body's fuel.  This does not necessarily mean that you are going to FEEL energetic.  There are many reasons why the intake may not match the output of FEELING energetic.  Why do some people seem to be so energetic all the time?  What are their secrets?  We'll explore those in this article. 

Energetic People Know That Food Provides Energy

It's true.  Food is the body's fuel.  That was the original purpose for eating, anyway!  Forget eating for emotion or boredom, the truth down and dirty is that food is necessary for the body to WORK, MOVE and PLAY!   

People that understand this concept have no motivation to put "food substitutes" in their body.  If high performance better fuel and the cheap stuff were available at the same pump, do you think the race car driver would fuel with the lesser grade?  Of course not!  Because he has knowledge of his vehicle and the particular needs that made it run optimally. 

Our bodies are the same.  This means energetic people who understand this concept fuel with real food.  Food that nourishes, not congests, distracts, or poisons.

It's true, you can feel a burst of energy off of garbage, congestive, toxic food stuffs, but consistency is key.  How up and down are your energy levels?  How long does the energy last and how do you feel after the high?  That's right, true healthy lively energy is even keeled, not a roller coaster ride.   True healthy eating provides the fuel. 


Energetic People Can Utilize Their Food Nutrients

In order to use the nutrients from the nutrient dense food fuel, our bodies have to be able to break down, metabolize and use these nutrients.  

There is an EFFORT coming from the body to digest food.  It takes WORK and causes inflammation just in the action of all the work that is happening in the body.  This inflammation is a necessary byproduct of digestion and dissipates when the work is done, unlike unhealthy inflammation that sticks around due to faulty systems.

In order to use nutrients, the digestive system and all the organs involved have to function well.  Not only that, but once the food is broken down small enough, the cells have to be good receivers of the nutrients and messages.  This DOES NOT HAPPEN in a system that has built itself up to project and reject!  This happens when there are constant substrates to reject, when there are threats that there is danger, and in the case of allergens or intolerances.  If the body does not break food down appropriately, the cells tend to reject these too big, misguided, foreign particles.  Cells inflame, nutrients do not get in.  Undigested food particles and rejected substrates breed bacteria and inflammation and biofilm can develop.  Again, no access to the cells through this sticky goo. 

Energetic people have body systems that are all playing their part.  They work on their wellness to ensure this.  They pay attention to the signs that their body may not be metabolising as well as it should.  These might be:

* feelings of shakiness or dizziness

* feelings of chaotic heart beat

* issues with dysglycemia

* feelings of anxiety

* bowel upset

* stomach pain

* poor hair and/or skin conditions

* weight gain/weight loss

* IBS, erratic bowels

* flatulence

* muscle weakness

* chronic fatigue

* fibromyalgia

* arthritis

* autoimmune disease

* and so many more, these are only the tip of the iceberg. 

If the body metabolizes food nutrients well, the body performs well!  Work with a Wellness Practitioner on FUNCTIONAL WELLNESS to improve your body's performance. 


Energetic People Have Highly Functioning Stress Management Glands

There is a whole host and range of glands and their correlating hormones that have a huge impact on how one inevitably with FEEL. 

You can be eating all the right things, and you can be digesting well, however if the stress systems in the body are taxes, you will not feel energetic!

These systems are the Central Nervous System, The Parasympathetic Nervous System, and Sympathetic Nervous System, the Enteric Nervous System, the Adrenal Glands, and all Endocrine Glands like Thyroid, Thymus, Pineal, and Pituitary.  These have to be working in concert with each other and each has to know when to turn on and off and provide the correct amount of their particular hormone. 

In our Weight Rebalancing Program, for example, we talk about the "hormonal cascade" that proceeds stressed adrenals.  This hormonal cascade can cause a mis-use of nutrients and promote unwanted and unnecessary fat inducing hormones, sure to derail any weight loss effort.  You can join the free FB community for support and discussion here

On top of that, our Anxiety Turnaround Program teaches that there are TWO forms of feelings of anxiety: Those that are based on mental, emotional, conscious and subconscious concepts.  Then there is the physical anxiety the body produces for itself because something isn't functioning correctly.  There are plenty of people that FEEL mentally or emotionally find while their body is in full blown panic attack.  

Again, a Wellness Practitioner is excellent for assistance in optimal functioning for these systems.


Energetic People Understand That Living Food Provides the Right Energy for the Body  

Understand that the more processed a food is the less natural energetic vibration a food possesses. There is little to no lively enzymatic action which determines the benefit of the nutrients within. 

Foods that are low enzyme and/or processed, are often called a “dead food”.

In contrast, one can eat real, whole, raw foods, or even juicing, and the effects are well noticed in a short amount of time, that the person feels alive and vibrant. These fresh whole unprocessed foods are called “live foods” and the energetic structure of the molecules themselves is entirely different than those that have been processed, stored in plastic, cans, and boxes, sat under flourescent lights in a holding warehouse and then transported. It is not a stretch to imagine that the food would vibrate differently, and less matching of the frequencies of the body.

One has often heard that eating foods fresh from the garden, or within 15 minutes of juicing, or in sprouting are healthy options. This is because the food has fresh been plucked at the peak of its growth, where the food is most alive, containing the most nutrients, and having been recently in the energy of the earth itself. As a magnetic structure, the earth’s energy itself is very powerful. Imagine the powerful energy that transfers from the earth to the food.


Energetic People Know There is An ENERGY to EATING

Let's now talk about food's energetic contribution to your energy levels. 

What is often lost in the shuffle between dietary fads, eating for flavor or emotion, and the conceptions of eating to fit work and busy-ness of life is the fact that there is an energy to the food itself. 

This is often overlooked, but one of the most important factors of food. We are well aware that food is a physical substance, working to feed a physical body, but food, particularly living food,  is also a body of energy. As its cells spin, it creates a frequency. That frequency is energy. It would make sense to examine the energetic components of food as well. 

Energetic People Understand There is an Energy  to the IDEA of Eating

Everything has energy, even our thoughts and emotions.  We can believe this for anyone who has had a loved one pass away, how exhausting the emotion of sadness can be.  

Everything we think influences how we feel about it and can determine how our body will make use of what's coming in.  

For example, if we think we are fat, we hate our body image, we are so sick of the foods we are eating, we don't take time to eat...all of these are negative energies correlated with the food and how the body will respond.  The body's cells are less likely to want to receive ANYTHING!  This creates low cellular motility.

Now it becomes a math problem:  what you eat + how you think+ = the benefit of the food coming in.   The vibration of living food must have a high vibrational match to high vibration in the cells.

People who understand prayer know that prayer over food is partly giving thanks, partly blessing the food to come into the body (aka:  positive intention before you eat)


Energetic People Have a Healthy Spark of Life

Simply stated, if there's nothing to live for, why live?  People who feel energetic move beyond "making the decision to be happy", they truly feel excited about what's going on in their life right now.  They have a passion for something, have a challenge they are working through, have something they are working on or looking forward to.  When in doubt, learn something new...the passion will grow and the purpose will develop.

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