The Chameleon Fraction of Personality

The Chameleon Fraction of Personality

The Chameleon Fraction of the Personalities


What’s very unique is that there is a personality that is a multi combo, mix of the other fractions.  What is good about it is these personalities make great caregivers. They are detailed enough to be reliable and organized, responsible and trustworthy.  They can be put in charge, you can tell them once, and you will be able to know that it will get done without any worries. They seem to be able to think ahead, plan whatever needs to be planned for and are the kind of people that have whatever you need in their bag.  They will have the bandaid and the hand sanitizer, the extra diaper, the needed tools and the car emergency kit. They will have what you need. They are so loving, considerate, and giving of others, changing to be what everybody else needs them to be, but the negative aspect of this is that their body gets confused about what it is all on it’s own.  They have empathic features where they will take on other people’s issues. They will feel your sadness and your anger, and it will alter their day. It will be hard for them to leave work behind, to stop thinking about the people that they are working with.

All of the aspects of this fraction will be presented as “May Be”.  Because the chameleon personality will be able to mutate and take on any of the other fractions at any given time.  They can truly “chameleon” to what others need them to be at any time. The worst part of this is that they won’t truly know who they are or what they want.  They are like Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride”, where she changes her favorite eggs depending on the man she’s with; she doesn’t truly know what are HER favorite eggs.  

They are what I call “adrenal personalities as they can be counted on to do everything for anyone, anytime, and it will be done well.  With all these things going on, they create a sort of nervous energy, where even when things can be still and calm, they won’t feel that way, because calm feels “abnormal” for the chameleon.  They will tend towards adrenal insufficiencies and fatigue.

The best part of this is that this person will inevitably change and transform, growing and developing themselves.  Not always necessarily for the better, but they will change their personality and try new things. They will be forever seeking their “purpose”, what is right for them and where their soul feels truly at home.  

This is the person that won’t know what they want to do with their life and are the last to pick a college in high school, change majors, learn something new and instantly think that  is what they should be doing. This person may be great at flying by the seat of their pants and can take an idea and run with it. They will be able to work for someone just as well as they will be able to have their own business, the only problem with this is they can job shift multiply as they don’t truly know what it is they want to do.  A great employment for them would be a job at a temp agency, where it changes all the time and they can try many things. However, they will then start to feel as if they have no roots; no foundation. It is hard for this person not to be “grass is greener on the other side” because they will always see everything as possibility and optional. It is not a problem with them, it is just the complexity of the concepts they  live with.

The weird separation of this fraction is that they give out thinking it is oneness, when really it is a martyr scenario.

The good news is that this is a caring personality.   They are not identifiable as any one TRUE fraction, but they’ll have pieces of each. The difficult news is that they end up with the illnesses of each.

These can often be the empaths among us, but they can also be misperceived as empaths because of their ability to shift.  What is hard about this shifting for the Chameleon is that they fel as though they are always waiting for something. They are always waiting for someone or something.  It’s hard for them to just know who they are and run with it.


Physically -

Because they will get all the pieces of every personality as part of the illnesses that could be inevitable for them, it will inevitably develop where the most stress is carried.  It will be what they put their attention to, or what they around in other people. It will typically develop in nervous system disorders like ALS and Alzheimers, like muscle control disorders like MS, or disorders that involve total body confusion, like detoxification problems, or system functioning in general.  They may have thyroid or adrenal issues, or other endocrine related problems like those dealing with hormonal systems.


The best way to work with the Chameleon’s health is to work on a system function program.  Make sure the body’s normal functioning systems are working well. You may have to work on multiple systems at the same time, or progressively, but it typically won’t be one issue that is the problem.  These people will be those that have seemingly random symptoms and nothing seems to be the cause. Make sure they can digest and absorb nutrients, make sure they can detox and eliminate, and make sure endocrine is functioning optimally.  

Money -

Because of the discontent of never feeling at home, jumping from job to job, place to place, their finances (unless they understand this about themselves and learn to work in their favor) will usually be tight and problematic.  They can use this in their favor by possibly developing multiple streams of income, or be a business developer that starts businesses, sells them, and moves on, or an interior designer that sets the stage then gets out of there and starts the next project.  The multiple streams of income idea are good for them because they can “live multiple lives” and profit from them rather than killing their finances every time they shift. It would be good for the Chameleon to protect their finances by having a savings account that they contribute to and never touch, to back them up during one of their shifts.  It would also be a good investment for them to hire a financial planner or accountant; someone who will plan their money for them. Not because they can’t do it or are ineffectual, but because they will need to feel the freedom to go with their shifts. Having a planner plan for this will help them be financially protected as well as allowing them the freedom to move on an idea.  This person should understand and work with this person, not looking down on them as if they have an “inability to handle money”.


Raising the Chameleon Child -

These children will be creative and energetic, but they may also be introverted and shy.  It could alternate between the two, but most likely it will tend towards the quiet as they will silently wait and observe for secret guidance on how they are are needed.  They will not want to rock the boat but will not nearly do it to the extent of the Good Girl/Good Boy personality.

They will be good at knowing how to please the people they are with, but they will often hide what is really within.

While they will more than likely be quite emotional as they learn to deal with their innate need to change and adapt, they need to have established boundaries of what is okay and what is not.  They will be good at adapting, but will get overwhelmed and tired of it after a while, throwing fits that seem to come from nowhere. They just need a rest (and possibly alone) and some time to do what they want to do, but not be punished to have to “do it alone”.

They need to be taught how to make decisions, but if they should be made to stick to those decisions will have to be judged on an individual basis as they are intently intuitive and need to move with it.  To be held to conventional boundaries will not be good for their creativity nor their emotions. You definitely don’t want to stifle the very good thing about them that they are willing to try new things, but will stop this if they are forced to stick with things once they intuitively feel they got what they came to accomplish.  

They will flourish with giving them lots of options of discovery, like trying ballet and also football.  

It will be a challenge to try not to let your feelings overflow to them, so that they would give themselves up to please you.


Common Concepts for the Chameleon -

Who am I?

I don’t know what I want

Everyone is better than me

I am not good enough

Self worth

I don’t know….

Difficulty making choices

I don’t make good choices

I am not as worthy as someone else

Everyone is more deserving than me


Particular Concept Course Ideas for the Chameleon -

What is my soul purpose?

Image of the Self


How to write images

I am worthy

Know thyself activities

How to make choices


Being strong in myself


Being okay with what others think of me

Financial planning

Money concepts

Business development and planning

Following through vs following instinct

“Successful Relationships” book

“Love Letters” affirmation book

“Dragonfly Journal” for journaling exercises

What are the Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality?


The Concept Pathology Fractions of Personalities are fractions of the whole that portray themselves in separation (in individual beings). They are the dominant conceptual conditioning that regulate a person’s acceptance of beliefs and thought systems.  These beliefs are the constructs that subliminally direct our actions, and behaviors, thus creating our life.

While most people will have a single dominant personality, it is possible that over time and as they grow and change that they may adopt other fractions of personality.  Generally, however, they will retain the same basic personality throughout their life. It is ultimately the goal to reintegrate into one wholeness.


Over my years in practice as a natural health practitioner, I have come to recognize patterns of particular behaviors and grouped them into common headings that it seemed my clients were falling into and identified 6 typical conceptual pattern groupings most people fit into.


While anyone can attach to any concept, each of the  particular personalities are more likely to absorb, accept, and adhere to certain types of concepts.  These make up the particulars of each personality group.


For example:  The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality is more likely to accept concepts about self worth, value,  and confidence.

The Liver Personality is more likely to have difficulty with words they perceive harshly, and will adopt more concepts about being good enough.


You can see the slight variations.  But knowing the personalities will help you help yourself better, understand why you think the way you do, and decide if you want to retain those concepts.  It will help you understand your natural purpose, why you do the things you do and what the tendencies for your health will be.


These are:

The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality

The Liver Personality

The Chameleon Personality

The Digestive Personality

The Heart Personality

The Mucosal Personality


Courses to benefit the Heart Personality - 
Relaxing and breathing into
I am worthy
Image of the self
Expectations Exercise
Changing victimization
Adaptation to changing circumstances
Self love

This is an article describing this particular fraction of personalty, based on the theory of Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality.

It includes a description, what they're good at, what the shadow sides are, what is indicated as good work situations for this personality, their views on money, how this personality affects their health, typical physical complaints and how best to approach their health, how to raise a child with this personality, common faulty concepts, and the conceptual studies that will benefit them.

This information is used to become aware of a tendency and patterns, and that way make informed decisions.

To find out which Fraction of Personality you most resemble, take our free quiz.

Use our Fractions of Personality Course to learn more about this and other Fractions of Personality and how their understanding may benefit your life, including:

Physical appearance

Best practices in healing

Working with this personality

Exercises for this personality

Raising a child with this personality

Propensities of the body for this particular personality

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