The Good Boy/Girl Fraction of Personality

The Good Boy/Girl Fraction of Personality

The Concept Pathology Healing Personalities
The Good Girl/ Good Boy Fraction of Personality

Description -
Empath, Compassionate heart, Peacekeeper, Don’t want to rock the boat
Great at doing what others want them to do!

This personality is super intelligent, analyzers (partly because they are always going to be looking to see if they are doing it “right” , how others want them to do it, if they are doing anything “wrong”. They are great with details. Some of these are not because they enjoy it but because it makes them feel their personality. They ARE the good girl if they are doing all of these things, constantly assessing themselves, making sure no one could find a flaw.

This personality will be great an almost ANY career, because of their desire to succeed out of necessity and because of their sharp acuity. They will be great healers, teachers, and counselors if they can learn how to separate themselves from their clients. They will make great educators, researchers, librarians and anything with analytics and be happy in life as long as they learn to balance their life with fun, and accept that it’s okay to have fun.

Expectations or perceived expectations of others are huge to them. They will do what they are told, what they believe is expected of them. The problem is, they will never please that person, who will constantly demand more of them and because they are not happy and the good girl keeps trying to please them, and the cycle continues. When the good girl does let someone down (typically a parent of authority figure) they will be more so disappointed with the good girl than if it was any of the other personalities.

This results in the good girl/boy not really knowing who they are or what they like, want because they have been working their whole lives to please someone else, living off of others’ expectations of them. While they don’t WANT to worry about what others think of them, it is a constant guiding map to them, to make sure they are “on course”. Problem is, it’s the wrong course. These people will not feel content because they are never letting the inner soul work come out. How can the soul produce itself, when it is being blocked by being someone others want them to be? There never is the discovery and expansion of who one is in themselves. Thus these people feel constant anxiety, both at the pressures of being a people pleaser, and because of never coming into their own.

This is one of the hardest personalities to heal, because it involves so many concepts from early childhood, and the good girl, as an adult, stays inside themselves as a victim, internally not growing from the little girl. They will need to become aware of all concepts(thoughts/beliefs) and examine each to determine if they want to keep that concept any longer. They will need to look at every belief system they’ve accepted (blindly, because that’s what they do: they do what they’re told, not because they’ve decided for themselves).

In typical counseling situations, (because they will seek counseling of some kind) They will be taught to create “boundaries”. This only serves to further go against the inner nudgings of this person’s soul, because they feel they are HERE to love people, to make people happy. To these personalities there is no such thing as boundaries, because whether they understand it yet or not, they already live in Oneness. That is their desire. They want everybody to be happy in Oneness. They are one with each other and flow together in a happy community. They don’t understand why they keep getting abused. They believe in the innate goodness of all people, so the idea of needing “boundaries” or protections as if something is “bad” doesn’t fit with them. They do need to learn how to love but not be abused, but how not to put up walls which are only going to create NEW situations they will need to heal from. They will need to learn to give as they innately do, but not to enable. They will need to make their self worth and confidence so strong that they don’t attract these bullies(just as a law of attraction in energy) and then they need to focus on growing and knowing THEMSELVES, and putting their focus on what they have to GIVE, not what they NEED, in order to get what they WANT. This will be hard for them to do, because they will have been driven with the concept of humility. These personalities don’t need anymore humility, they already swim (and suffer) in it. They will never be conceited and cocky, so don’t worry about that. They merely want everybody to be happy.


What are the Fractions of Personalities?

The Concept Pathology Fractions of Personalities are fractions of the whole that portray themselves in separation (in individual beings). They are the dominant conceptual conditioning that regulate a person’s acceptance of beliefs and thought systems. These beliefs are the constructs that subliminally direct our actions, and behaviors, thus creating our life

Over my years in practice as a natural health practitioner, I have come to recognize patterns of particular behaviors and grouped them into common headings that it seemed my clients were falling into and identified 5 typical conceptual pattern groupings most people fit into.

While anyone can attach to any concept, each of the particular personalities are more likely to absorb, accept, and adhere to certain types of concepts. These make up the particulars of each personality group.

For example: The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality is more likely to accept concepts about self worth, value, and confidence.

The Liver Personality is more likely to have difficulty with words they perceive harshly, and will adopt more concepts about being good enough.

You can see the slight variations. But knowing the personalities will help you help yourself better, understand why you think the way you do, and decide if you want to retain those concepts. It will help you understand your natural purpose, why you do the things you do and what the tendencies for your health will be.

These are:
The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality
The Liver Personality
The Chameleon Personality
The Digestive Personality
The Heart Personality

This is an article describing this particular fraction of personalty, based on the theory of Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality.

It includes a description, what they're good at, what the shadow sides are, what is indicated as good work situations for this personality, their views on money, how this personality affects their health, typical physical complaints and how best to approach their health, how to raise a child with this personality, common faulty concepts, and the conceptual studies that will benefit them.

This information is used to become aware of a tendency and patterns, and that way make informed decisions.


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