The Idea's Time Has Come

What do I mean when I talk about Greatness Within? It is that perfect moment when the soul has aligned with the outward expression through your 3D body and existence.

It is my grave belief that Anxiety, which so many people suffer with, is often times that feeling when your soul is not lined up with your physical presence. The soul knows there is greater, there is better, there is a greater identity and purpose for you, and yet you have chosen a life that follows conventional thought, theory and belief.

There really is only one truth...yours. Who can say what is real or not, but is only based on a person's perception. What is true for you is true in your world. Following the well worn path taken by the boots of so many who have gone before you (trudgingly, I might add) should be an indication for us that we are not going down the right path. Whoever said following the path that has already been traveled is the path that leads you home? Perhaps the path that you have never experienced but only now are discovered is the one that leads you to a real place of home. A place where you find real peace, a real purpose, and a real feeling of being at home and feeling comfortable with that, whatever that may be. Home is not a building full of materialism that you keep acquiring. It is that place in your heart when all is well with the world and you have everything you need. Home, that place where you are content with what you have and with what you don't have. Of course you are going to have anxiety if you have not found that very sacred place.

Travelling where others have traveled is never going to get you to the spots on the map that were only destined for your soul to be, discover, leave behind with greater wisdom for the next generation.

To follow where we are lead is the greatest failure of humanity. Ask yourself if it is time for your to color outside the lines, to ask who has the power over your life, to live a life of limit-less existence, un-encumbered by the fading bedazzles of names and labels. That includes labels of stature and class, of equanimity and unanimity, of illness and disease, or ability.

"Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come...and YOU are that idea." - Victor Hugo
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