The latest Class Action Law Suit against 3 Huge Diet Soda Companies

The latest Class Action Law Suit against 3 Huge Diet Soda Companies

Over the weekend I happened to catch a channel 5 news report that (Gasp!)there is now a class action law suit against the top 3 diet soda manufacturers.  

The reason I caught the report was because I heard the background noise as I was doing other things and couldn't believe my ears.  So I checked other channels and sure enough, the class action law suit against diet soda makers was news worthy enough to make news headlines.  Are you kidding me?

Natural Health Practitioners have been passing these truths along as long as I've been in the field and I"m SURE even longer than that!

The law suits are based on the belief that the use of the word "diet" is false,  misleading and unlawful.  You think?  This report gets under my skin because I see no benefit in soda beverages in any way.  It is the ONE thing people could change that would instantly improve their health.  Every.  Single. Person.  Also, because shouldn't this information seem obvious?

Diet soda manufacturers have been tricking consumers every since they CAME OUT with diet sodas, which in truth are worse for your health than regular soda because of one culprit...aspartame, or more commonly known as Nutrasweet, Equal, or SugarTwin.

"The law suit settles on the ingredient aspartame", the reporter said.  Because of the fact that it's not a diet aid, as previously believed due to the fact that it has no calories. Seriously, we have to understand that calories are not the magic bullet to weight loss.

Aspartame is one of the MANY man made ingredients that are problematic to human health.  Study after study have linked it to birth defects, cancer, seizures and epilepsy, emotional disorders, and diabetes.  Find out for yourself. Here's one article on Dr. where he discusses the hidden dangers.

 If an ingredient is approved by the FDA, wouldn't you believe it was safe to consume?  That is, in fact, the glaring argument over the safety and beneficence of herbs and supplements after all.  Yet, despite the many many studies proving aspartame's harmful effects, it is still approved for use as a sweetener.  

Here is a document Concerning Aspartame recall as a neurotoxin drug


Snopes once checked out the claim that it was originally made as an ant poison, and while Snopes discovered it was actually an accidental discovery during creating an AntiUlcer drug, it still was found to be effective in killing ants.  The article stated,

"How does it Work

Aspertame is neuropoison. It most likely kills the ants by interferring with their nervous system. It could be direct, like stopping their heart, or something more subtile like killing their sense of taste so they can’t figure out what is eatable, or smell, so they can’t follow their trails, or misidentify their colonies members, so they start fighting each other."

It goes on to say, "As with any poison I recommend wearing gloves and washing any skin areas that come in contact with this poison, and avoid getting in your mouth, despite anything the labeling may indicate."

Even though Snopes found the claim that it started as an ant poison to be false, it sure doesn't back up aspartame being a HELPFUL substance. 

Sounds like something you want to put in your body?

A new diagreement over what's on the label", the reporter goes on to say, which is really just another reminder, that when it comes to our own health, it is to our benefit to read labels, educate ourselves on what those ingredients are, make our own decisions, and cast our vote by not purchasing products with poor ingredients in them.

It's about living in such a way that health is a natural outcome.  And there is nothing natural about aspartame.

Here's a tasty beverage to replace your diet sodas, and HELP your health and physical appearance.

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