The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Can Do Before You Eat

The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Can Do Before You Eat

This little known intention can change the way your body handles the food it takes in.


Raising the Vibration of Food

What has historically and traditionally been seen as prayer before a meal, really has similar intentions behind what vibrational enhancement offers.
Traditional religious ritual has had people praying over meals for centuries, both as an acknowledgement of the gifts before them and as a gratitude for those gifts. In my opinion, prayer always had more to it than this, though I believe it has been lost through the generations.
Praying over your food certainly does acknowledge your bountiful gifts and for being grateful for them. Not only to share gratitude but to take the TIME to do so, which is often overlooked in today’s world. But more than that, prayer or intention over your food centers your focus in the here and now on what it is you are doing(feeling grateful, preparing the body for action), what function your action is serving (to nourish your body), and what you want this intake to do what it is inside of you. Spending some time mentally assimilating your food before physically assimilating it gets all parts into gear. By intent-fully raising the vibration of your food, you are assimilating it to the vibration of your own being, increasing the chances the food will match physically with your individual cellular need. What do I mean by “raising the vibration”? This is the process where one spends mindful moments or seconds meditating on what is before them, communing with the energy of it and stating the intention of the food to nourish the body as you partake of it, to share and be at one with the energy of the very food itself.
Not only does raising the vibration of your food include prayer or intent before consuming it, but really, it starts in the planning and preparation. It begins with giving thanks and asking for the offering of the food as you pluck it fresh from the garden, or as you prepare the meat, herbs and fruits by washing them and preparing them.  The mental process of intentionally being in the now as you prepare your food, and engaging in it with the senses begins the digestive processes of the body.  Hearing the sounds as you slice the onion, smelling the food as it's cooking, hearing the sizzle, all of this starts bile flowing, tells the body's digestive parts to start producing Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach and digestive enzymes in the saliva and the pancreas.  The body prepares for the intake and action food will demand of it.  All of this we miss out on by driving through the drive through.  There is a reason that traditionally families all took part in the preparation of the family and community meals.  

There is much to be said about mindfulness and being in the “now”, particularly so when it comes to food, the thing you spend a good majority of your day planning, preparing for, and taking in. If food is to be our medicine, it deserves a bit of honor and respect and intention.

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