The Number One GoTo For Any Health Condition:  Can It Be This Simple?

The Number One GoTo For Any Health Condition: Can It Be This Simple?

Over the last month I've noticed just how often I've pulled out my educational Food Fx Charts to demonstrate with people.  Maybe it's because I see how imperative the understanding of it is to health, or maybe it's because I'm more intent on it myself, but either way the facts are simple.  Over the past 12 years I have been a practitioner the need for plant based food sources is more and more commonplace.  I have seen the difference a whole foods plant based diet makes time and time again, and have seen the results and benefits my clients share with me at each appointment.  Watch this vid to see more about Food Functions

Plant based diet has a natural way of restoring the body to what it was made to consume:  70% vegetation, 30% from any other chosen food source.  Check out 7D Nourishment to learn more if that piques your interest. 

Because this is a natural way for the body to eat, natural functioning processes start to happen, and return to normal.   The body re-learns proper metabolism, it assists in waste and elimination in the body.  It is natural detoxification.  It is natural vitamin, mineral, and enzyme intake.

I know one fear from clients was that they feared this meant they could never eat meat, for example.  This isn't a morality or theoretical lesson.  Whether you believe in a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or not is not the point.  The understanding that the body was designed to consume the majority of foods FOR HEALTHY AND PROPER FUNCTIONING using plant based sources.

Want to make it easy and see what this means?  Check out this Plant Based Shopping List. 


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