The One Disastrous Mistake We Could Be Making When it Comes to Food Allergies and Intolerances

The One Disastrous Mistake We Could Be Making When it Comes to Food Allergies and Intolerances

In the world today, you can't go more than 10 people deep to find someone that has issues of some kind or another with food.  Whether it's gluten sensitivity, or peanut allergy, or avoidance of MSG or red dye because of headaches or ADHD.

It's just getting more and more common too and the level of food related allergies/intolerances causing health conditions is just expected to rise - dramatically and quickly!

The understanding is dawning on us(FINALLY) that food has a major part to play when it comes to our health.   But the answer everyone is turning to could be the worst mistake we are making for our health and our futures.

The big mistake is that in an intolerant(poor metabolism) situation, and even in some allergies, we're focusing on the AVOIDANCE, and not working on assisting the body's FUNCTION OF DIGESTION!

The common protocol is that allergies and intolerances are identified through various methods:  skin tests, RAST, ALCAT, EDS and more.  We spend a LOT of time on the identifying.  Many are painful and irritating.  And then avoidance is the answer. Perhaps we need to spend more time on the system that is imbalanced?

Could it be that improving the FUNCTIONING of a system designed to digest could have a major impact on our health overall?  If we're avoiding foods because they cause problems currently in the body, and not moving to improve the body's digestion, we should not be shocked to find that down the road MORE and MORE allergies/ intolerances develop.  That's because the very function of taking in food and what to do with it hasn't been addressed.

Now, let me be clear:  This DOES NOT mean to go out and eat the foods caused to be problematic for you!

 Avoidance of intolerant foods should happen for a period of time (and certainly diagnosed allergies)to not cause the body more trouble.   But LET'S NOT FORGET to address the system and function involved - the digestion!  Nobody will disagree with this, I am sure!

Especially if your body developed intolerances/allergies over time, there is a likely chance that the systemic functioning of digestion went askew somehow.   Wouldn't it be an idea to try to boost your digestion, at least WHILE you are experiencing food avoidance, and see if improvements are noticed?

There are many things that can cause poor digestion and would be worthy, in my opinion, to discuss them with your health practitioner.

These may be:  

an underlying illness,

poor, improperly balanced HCL acid of the stomach,

toxic burden in the body,

lack of food enzymes at meals, 

improper eating styles, patterns, and lifestyle choices,

lack of enzymes in the body as a whole,

poor gut ecology,

need for microorganisms,

an endocrine system problem of the thyroid or other glands.  

In the field of Concept Pathology,  we also have to discover the coded message the cells have received over time, including the very thoughts and situations we have learned involving food and our intake of  it.   The Healed, The Healer and The Healing:  The Concept Pathology Technique may be a useful resource to you, as well as The Genesis Code if you'd like a further understanding of cellular coding. 


Again, I am not a medical doctor, nor a licensed naturopathic physician and this nor any information on my website and books should take the place of appropriate care with a health practitioner.  My intention is merely in sharing discovery and possibility as a researcher and educator, and by sharing my own experiences. Please use common sense in this and all things. Perhaps let these possibilities act as more fodder in one's discussions with their practitioners to get to the bottom of one's health. 


How about you?  What experiences have you had?  What has helped you?

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