This is What Builds Your Cells, Determining Your Health or "Dis-Ease"

This is What Builds Your Cells, Determining Your Health or "Dis-Ease"

The Healing Nature of Food

What never ceases to intrigue me is both the healing nature of food, and the complete misunderstanding of it.  We search the internet for the magical foods that reduce blood pressure, make us skinny, cure diabetes.  Infographics proclaim the benefits of eating blueberries and acai.  For a time, we gobble them up and when they don’t produce instant benefits, we give up and go back to the Cheetos.  In addition, network marketing companies are producing supplements and juices at an accelerated rate, touting how they have the magic formula.  Are either of these options wrong or untrue?  Not at all, but the conception is.  See the conception is outside yourself, that something has a magic formulation to cure and the whole point is missed

I once had a client that looked at me with disbelief when I suggested high doses of Vitamin C as part of a balancing protocol.  “You mean to tell me you want me to take Vitamin C?  Not a steroid or medication?”  Well, of course, I can’t prescribe that, but I wasn’t suggesting a referral at the time, either.  Yes, I told him.  He gave me a look of disbelief, but inside, my disbelief was piqued as well.  This was so because it never ceases to amaze me how many people look at me as if I just suggested a wacky treatment.   

Let’s understand something.

Food, real food, grown from the earth and full of nutrients, prepared with natural processes, was originally made for our use, and still is, surprisingly, without the need of factories and plasticization.  Consider it.  Your food goes into your body and metabolically breaks down to join your cells.  And your cells make you up.  Everything you become is what is in the cells to do.  And everything that is in the cells to do is made from what you feed them.  Every time you eat you are either feeding health or feeding disease.

If you already experiencing disease in the body, yes, it will take some time for the blueberries and juiced nutrient supplements to work.  For the salads and whole grains to make a difference.  Of course, you’ll actually start experiencing benefits and symptom relief immediately as your body is able to function better.  Over time, as the body’s cells rebuild new and healthier uninflamed cells, more and more benefits will be noticed.  

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