Top Plant Based Bloggers to Follow For Your Compassionate Health

Top Plant Based Bloggers to Follow For Your Compassionate Health

People will argue what is the GREATEST benefit to eating plant based, whether that is vegetarian, completely vegan, or simply trying to add the desired 75% of the diet coming from vegetation.  How hard is that, exactly?  Well, it's an easy image if you consider 3/4 of your plate being vegetation.  Once you picture that portion of your plate, try to plan for 7 different greens and/or vegetables a day.  What this looks like for me is;  fruit in my morning smoothie,  2 vegetable sides at supper, and 1 large salad for lunch with multiple vegetables in it, with a piece of fruit at midday snack.

It's about living in a way where health is a natural outcome.  But there are some very specific reasons people may eat more plant based:

1.  Compassion for the animals that are normally subjected to providing our diet

2.  Compassion for the planet in which vegetation is a natural innate delivery of our diet, and animal farming costs our planet greatly!  The documentary Cowspiracy can shed some light on this if you are interested.

3.  Heart and cardiovascular health

4.  Cancer and stagnation illness 

5.  Dieting, and body image

6.  Depression and anxiety.  YES!  And the reason is that a cleaner body will not interfere by producing negative chemistry that could be interfering with the proper "happy" chemicals.  Also, many people believe that eating animal protein automatically brings with it consuming the fear based chemicals produced in the slaughtering process, and that consuming these negative chemicals could be influencing the rates of depression and anxiety.

7.  Better health and support for bodies dealing with diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, neurological diseases, ALS, MS,and more

8.  Health for skin!  Cleaner, clearer, younger and brighter healthier looking skin


Even if it's just beginning with JUICING, to get started getting the natural minerals and plant chlorophyll into the body, the body's systems will regenerate faster and functioning will improve.

To read up and get more helpful info from people in the know, living the life, here are some faves:

1.  Running on Real - I love her title, for one.  She's diplomatic and straightforward and her lifestyle matches her beliefs. 

2.  Oh She - Anyone who gets that beauty comes from in will love to follow Angela.  If you're a blog reader, you will most definitely have heard of her blog.  She has real recipes that look like something you'd really eat.

3.  The Minimalist Detailed, straight to the point, organized and easy to follow.  And the dessert and treat recipes make my mouth water!  I love that he incorporates minimalism not for the sake of the tag, but because of the healthy respect it shows for all things. 

4. - Kathy will make you feel like you aren't missing a thing by not eating meat.  Maybe I'm just always hungry when I read her, but MAN her recipes are delectable and not so creative that I wouldn't actually make them. They're real food with things you have on hand.

5. - Shannon's young and easy to relate to.  Her recipes are simple and creative, but what I love most is her straight forward EDUCATION and her willingness to share to others, not only her recipes but some great infographics to use immediately and e books to help you be successful

6.  Hell Yeah It's Vegan - there's a "veganize" everything section that is awesome, taking popular comfort foods and changing the recipes to make them vegan

7.  Clean Food Dirty Girl - I love her blog style.  She creates a pairing between the telling of a story and recipes to follow, which makes it really easy to see how applicable clean eating is

8.  Gary Yourofsky - Well, not exactly a blogger, but his straightforward tactics are excellent motivation and encouragement towards plant based living.

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