When Your Life Is Nothing But Drama, Here's How to Change It

When Your Life Is Nothing But Drama, Here's How to Change It

Whenever I work with a client, we are almost always working on creating an "image" for themselves.  An image is the ͞movie͟ you are playing of yourself.  Stepping back and seeing clearly the image you are portraying, or the "role" you are playing can help you get a good look at what you are believing about yourself, and what you are putting out to the world.  This can help you see why perhaps you haven't been achieving the areas of success you have been attempting.  It can also help you see why you might not be attracting what you want, or feeling happy within yourself.  Writing an image is a good opportunity to develop the person that already IS you, and the best of what wants to come out in you.  You do get to choose who you are, after all.  
You already ARE putting out an "image", it is who you see yourself to be and who you are portraying to the world.  Interestingly enough, we don't realize we are putting out an image of ANY kind, and so, we may be portraying ourselves not in the light we would like.  We also might be attracting just the drama we are wishing to avoid.  Changing what we believe about ourselves and others is a more compassionate, (and less dramatic approach) to life.  Not only that, but changing our image allows us to change the concepts that we've created where we believe we have to struggle, be better than, or that life is hard.  Interestingly enough, we create or attract hardship or drama because we are "bored" with our life.  It might be time to switch it up and assess who you are and what you really want to accomplish. 
If you want people to be in love and connected with you, you best be in love and connected with yourself.
Here is a beginner activity to help you get started:
Use the following prompt questions to help you write a complete image on who you see yourself to be and what is true for you.
The Questions:
1. This is how I see myself as a person
2.These are the things I like to do
3.If I had an hour to myself this is what I would be doing
4.People say I am...
5.I am proud of...
6.These are the things I am good at.
7.These are the groups I am part of
8.My friends say I am
9.When I was a child I enjoyed
10.This is how I spend my day
11.The kind of work I do
12.The kind of work I enjoy
13.This is what I look like
14.This is what people think of me
15.These are my skills, and talents, and characteristics...
16.I am...
17.I believe....
18.And any other details that can describe the way you see yourself.
Now, go back over the details in which you have described yourself. Are they how you want people to see you? Are they the you you are happy with? Would you rather trade some parts? Remove others? Add in new things? This is a time for you to be entirely imaginative and creative, bringing to mind the self you want to be and the self you want others to see. If you are not currently this self, that is okay. Simply bring awareness to yourself of the person you would like to be.
If you want to do personal work with me, send me your answers!
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