Why Did I Get an Invitation to Join ANMC? What's this all about?

Exciting happenings continue at ANMC!  
It's not hard when there's so much work to do to help people

We're always looking for ways to improve how we serve you.  

We hope you have been seeing the emails come through with the announcement of our platform changes and are ready for MORE with ANMC!

Things To Look Forward To With This New Interactive Dashboard You Have Available To You As A Client:

1.  It's like having our WHOLE CLINIC in the PALM OF YOUR HAND!  
2.  You can request sessions right on your dashboard.
3.  Your dashboard is well organized!  It shows your appointments, your strategies to focus on, tasks to complete, and upcoming reminders.
4.  You have a whole Online Learning Library so you can see what education is available to you, even IN BETWEEN appointments!
5.  You can upload documents to us, like labwork for example, right to your account and we get a notification to take a look right away!
6.  You have a lifestyle journal and a food log journal and nutrition planning tools that you can use FREE OF CHARGE just for being a client with us.  The really cool thing is these journals get shared with us and we can review them.
7.  You can TAKE PICTURES of your food to share with us...how easy to share if changes need to be made?
8.  Program participants can have easy access ALL IN ONE PLACE to ALL they use in program!
9.  Group classes can happen here!
10.  Those in program can easily see what they have left available to them!

You'll see NEW OFFERINGS to take advantage of, like:
1.  Our NEW FIT -n -Well simple assessment appointments.  Low cost, non invasive, for kids and adults of all ages, and much reduced wait times to get in!
2.  Emotional Freedom Technique appointments with Sam!
3.  Choice between Comprehensive, Functional, and Nutrition appointments with Amanda
4.  "Sessions Plus" packages.  You get an appointment of choice and and education packet on topics like hormone/period health, sleep, and anxiety so that you can get started IMMEDIATELY!

We're sure you're going to love this just as much as we are.  We think it will be worth the possible "hiccups" and we appreciate your help and patience as work through this in order to bring you the best!

How Will This Affect You?

Hopefully only in really positive ways!  We're doing all we can to make this the smoothest transition possible.  All that should be required of you is:
1.  Accept the invitation you will receive from ANMC on Practice Better to activate your account.
2.  Create your account with this new invitation, and remember to store your login info somewhere.  This is an entirely interactive platform and it's like having US in your POCKET!  You'll want to remember how to log in.
3.  Bless us with your patience and any feedback you have.  We would appreciate it so that we can make this the easiest and best experience for all!
4.  Please be aware that as we're making this transition, there could be some "wonki-ness".  You might see additional form requests even after you've already completed them.  Please ignore these if this is the case.  You might get additional reminders, and we'll be so sorry if this annoys your inbox.  We'll do our best so this doesn't happen.  
5.  Again, please let us know how you're liking the new platform, appointment requesting, and offerings.  This is well-care for the people (YOU!) and we would love your input!
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Looking forward to it!! Sounds wonderful. Thanks

Teresa Davidson

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