Why You Just Can't Seem to Make a Decision

I made up a song to help my son adapt from sleeping to waking. Maybe some of you are like this, but it seems that he has a really hard time shifting from the dream world to the waking world of truth and reality. Maybe it's not transitioning from sleeping to waking, but maybe it's from moving from one activity to the next, from making a change, or making one decision to a new one. This is symbolic also of our daily spiritual struggle isn't it? To awaken from illusions to a life of truth, where we really never have to make ANY decisions if we are following our soul path. It is interesting how spiritual growth is evident in our every day lives, sometimes even through what we see in our children. This song helps my son make the sleeping to waking transition by grounding him and helping him focus so he can make the next decisions for his day happily rather than from a place of confusion, distortion, and fearful crankiness.

What I find interesting is that I use this song for MYSELF throughout the day to remind myself of the kind of day I want to have and to get help making decisions. For this morning's blog post, it made me ponder the difficulty of making decisions and what I received was interesting for us all, considering we are making decisions all the time!

Ever felt like this? That you feel like sometimes you don't know which decision to make and then you turn it over and over in your mind until you are thoroughly confused and worse off than when you started? You might feel angry or irritable that you just can't seem to make a decision on something that seems so important. Ever wonder why, especially when you've been asking and praying for help? Here's what's happening and how to work with it...

When you feel you need to make a decision what gets in the way is that even if you ask for help from prayer, God, guides, Source, etc....you have ALREADY JUDGED THE PROPER DECISION, sometimes unknowingly in your mind. You have already decided what it is you want. THEN you ask for help but when you feel the little inner voice guiding you and it is in opposition to what you have decided in your mind is the right answer, you war against the little voice, twisting and turning it so that you can be correct, rather than accepting the help that you had originally asked for! Make sense? The best way to avoid this and to truly make decisions that are right for you and with Source help is to not have a thought, a judgement, a decision already. If you realize you have already made this error, then start again. Think of the kind of day you want to have, what you want to feel, what you want to experience, and then ask for help again saying, " I forgot what to decide. I have no question." and keep the picture in your mind of the kind of day you want to have, the experiences you want to feel. This is the time needed to remind you of your greater purpose here and it allows you to remember this ultimate goal. Then trust that all decisions come easily in alignment with your vision of the life you want to experience.

The grounding song I sing with my son in the morning to help him wake from dream world to his day in a world where God guides him is this:

To have a happy day,
to have a happy day.

I don't need to make any decisions all by myself
to have my happy day, my happy day.

Life is good, so are all things that come to me
to have a happy day, my happy day.

Will we....(eat breakfast, watch cartoons, etc)
to have a happy day a happy day

It rights him on his path to focus on what it next in his day and it does it remembering that he has divine guidance and direction everywhere he goes.

Have a Happy Day!
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