Your Life After Covid 19:  5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Your Life After Covid 19: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

As we're waiting for life to "go back to normal" it's a good idea to start thinking about which of those parts we want back. 

With change and inevitable transformation under-foot, now is THE BEST time to examine yourself and spend some time dreaming, planning and creating the new heaven on earth you want to see your life being, helping to create change in every way we want to see and live in the world.  Here are 5 questions to help you do just that.

I don't know about you, but I have felt for some time that things needed to change, but couldn't exactly pinpoint what, or how I was going to do.

I couldn't figure it out and so I kept delaying making any real and lasting changes from the truth of my heart.  Mother nature said, "Here's a virus and widespread panic.  No more excuses, time for you to figure it out."

Also at times like these, which we have never experienced before there is a lot of uncertainty, which CAN feel like a bad thing, but if you look at it, really it puts us in an incredible place of creation because we can decide what we want to bring in.  Anything goes if you can figure it out.  

Because nothing is "normal", it's a great time to look around and see what has been important to your during this time.  The things that have been moved aside and filtered down through our sieve of necessary or enjoyable activities are what remain at the truth of our hearts.  These are the things we should focus on having more of in our lives, and are truly an indicator of the kind of people we really are.  We can take these truths and work out a life around them.  Now is the best time to take these newly unearthed roots about yourself and envision your future with them growing, sprouting and maturing.  The questions below can help you figure it out and shows some of what has become essential to you.  I have given my answers as well and found these questions helped me learn about myself and discover what was more important to me, defining my character and who I want to be maybe in better ways than all the exercises I've used in the past.

1. What have you been spending your time doing?

If you take the time to notice the ways you are spending your time, you will see a list of things that you have valued but never made time for in the past.  The things you naturally do are the things you enjoy, believe are valuable, and should be included in your regular daily life.  

I've been spending a lot of time making food, planning and prepping my pantry and meals, so a lot of time in the kitchen.  I've been spending time planning my garden and growing seedlings, making my home more home-like for my whole family, and organizing my garden medicines, making a more usable place for them.  This is something I've wanted to do for a long time.  Having them packed in boxes and bags in my pantry until needed is not a very efficient way to access them.   I finally created the space in my home where I can process my harvest, collect garden harvests and preserve them and make multiple use of them, collect, dry and process my herbs and make them into the powerful medicines my family uses. 

The major take away:  I want to put more attention on self-reliance and sustainability when the world can't promise certainty (which in truth, it never can), I want to rely on what God and nature have provided. 

Also, in identifying what you are spending your time on you are getting a good idea of the person you really ARE, not one who is dictated by work, bosses, customers, expectations, etc.  Having time to live your days as you see fit can really open up your eyes and memory to who it was you wanted to be. 

Personally I have noticed I have been spending a lot of time helping my family stay occupied, giving them ideas, keeping them engaged, lifting their spirits through fun surprises like food and games.  I can see how this is an innate part of myself in all I do, helping people feel good about themselves, leaving them feeling happier and bringing joy in the form of service to others, teaching others about what I have learned about in having a healthy life through food, knowing thyself, truth, sustainability and reliance on things that matter. 


2.  What have you noticed you enjoy? 

Answering this question may surprise you that when having the time to do things, you might have been opened up to new things or things you forgot you enjoyed!  Again, without having expectations of how you SHOULD be spending your time frees you up to find ways to fill the hours.  We get so stuck in our comfort boxes that we seldom truly try new things, new occupations, new ways to spend time.  It also gives us time to bring back things we remembered enjoying in the past and seeing what still brings us joy.  It is these things of joy that should remain on our schedules. 

For example, I taught my kids how to play marbles, and we were all surprised at how such a simple game was actually a lot of fun, didn't require a lot of money, digital entertainment, or anything special. 

The take -aways:  I need to have more fun in my life, be brave to try new things, and not look for the latest cool things/technology/toy/must have new item but see where we can make fun with what we already have.   I also recognized that in filtering down my time, I found I was spending a lot of time on something I thought would be cool if I could do, but didn't actually truly enjoy.  I let these things go.  

3.  What has come back into your life? 

Our daily tasks, schedules, and expectations have a way of pulling us away from our heart center and into things we don't really want to do, but feel obligated to.  Now that things have been restricted, what kinds of things have come back into your life? 

I noticed I have been calling more friends and family and checking in with them, where before my life was so occupied with homeschool and work that I rarely had time to be on the phone, or was too tired after.   Now I've been baking, writing notes, sending photos, drawing pictures with the kids and taking them to neighbors.  Having been raised in an amazing  country neighborhood where everyone helped, supported, and cared about each other, I've always cherished a great sense of community.  I've noticed I've focused on getting to know my neighbors more an wanting my children to have this close-knit upbringing as well.  

The take- aways:  Community - when it comes down to it, our relationships are what is important.  The sense that we are all in this together, not just now but every day.  Of course our personal relationships are paramount, but where would we be without a community of togetherness?  I have more of an interest in being sustainable TOGETHER. 

One way I'm using what I have to support my community is to share virtually the knowledge I've gleaned about the ways to keep your immune system strong through supporting major Eliminative Systems.  This course is free all April.  Access it here. 

4.  What have you been released from that you miss? 

Being given a blank slate of time is a good way of finding out what you truly enjoy.  The things you miss are most likely the things you are going to do at the first chance you are able.  Make note of these and make sure to plan them more regularly into your schedule. 

Interestingly, I realize I really enjoy alone time.  Rather than missing things "out there", I realized I've been missing MYSELF previously.  Having this time to go within and spend time with the most important person I need to like, it makes sense to make time for this relationship.  I will make more essential time for spending time with myself, rather than as a task and just "crossing it off my list", or excluding it altogether when I run out of time in the day.  Going within, time with myself to know who and what I'm about makes me a stronger better happier person that can bring something to others. 

Major Take-away:  The rush and hustle of life can have a way to taking us from ourselves and the things that truly matter. 

5.  What have you been released from that you are glad is gone?

Again with expectations and commitment, obligation and duty, we sometimes start things that should have a short run time but somehow become something that stays with us much longer than it was intended for our growth.  

If you realize you don't miss something and are truly happier without it, this is a good time to plan a new kind of life without this activity as a part of it.  For many it could be work or the major ways you spend your time.  I am including an exercise I use from my courses on Business Builders and Next Generation of Healers when they are trying to figure themselves and their fledgling businesses out.  While we use it for "branding" I thought it might serve you as well.  It's a great "get down to the truth of you" exercise.  Access it here.

Major take-away:  self evolution.  It's important to check in with the self, and let some things go that are meant to, allowing for the new to make its way. 

With change and inevitable transformation under-foot, now is THE BEST time to examine yourself and spend some time dreaming, planning and creating the new heaven on earth you want to see your life being, helping to create change in every way we want to see and live in the world.  


Again, here is the link to get access to the free Functional Support of Eliminative Systems course 


Amanda Plevell, PhD, CNHP is a Natural Medicine Practitioner, researching Cellular Biochemistry and the effects that food, disease, experiences, emotions, and beliefs play into the programming of the cells, along with the resulting health expression. As a popularly followed Intuitive Life Coach, she is the founder of the Natural Source Companies and The Success Conditioning Academy. Author of over 28 natural health and self development books, Amanda is sought after in the arenas of education, functional wellness, and business development. Her bestselling books include such titles as " The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal: The Genesis Code", and "Clean Your Plate". When she's not serving at her Minnesota-based practice, she spends her time homeschooling her children along with her husband, growing food, and making garden medicines. You can access her courses at her online hub: Health Rocks Cafe, found at


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