Adrenal Balancing Banana Pecan Pancakes

Adrenal Balancing Banana Pecan Pancakes


A protein and healthy carb rich breakfast first thing to balance stressed adrenals.

A filling and satisfying breakfast that makes you feel indulged and satisfied.

A scrumptious looking healthy rival to all those Perkins platters without all the fat, sugar and poor health.

 Health seekers do not have to settle for second best in flavor or appearance!  

While I believe in foraging vegetation straight from the earth, it's still nice occasionally to challenge myself to making creations that look like what eaters expect a breakfast to contain.  Plus, on those comfort foods type days, a Saturday morning pancake breakfast fits the bill.  Not only that but I don't know a kid around who doesn't want to eat pancakes.  So of course, I have to make mine in a way I feel satisfied to serve them.

In this case, I wanted to give them their pancakes and make them feel as though they were at a classic breakfast restaurant serving those high towering scrumptious looking indulgent pancake platters.

I want breakfasts to consist of the nourishment our bodies need in the morning, not laden with sugar and refined grains and mucosal fluid dairy.  Also, I wanted to help stabilize some stressed anxious adrenal glands, emotions and jumpy nerves with the start of school and new work situations.  One of the best ways to do that is through good sources of protein and a healthy carb meal, especially being the first meal of the day, after the body has been fasting all night, this is a great meal to calm stressed nerves and to provide the protein necessary for positive building of healthy cells and stressed glands.  

This recipe is entirely grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free, so you can feel like you are indulging, but you'll really be indulging in super nutrition.  Now, you just have to alter the brainwaves so that the sugary looking picture in front of you doesn't trigger the same old mental response.  See the pancake stack as the healthy proteinous meal that it is, knowing it will go and serve the be the builder and energy your cells need.  Feel good going about your day!

These are excellent to freeze and pop in for a snack or future breakfasts, by the way.

Adrenal Balancing Banana Pecan Pancakes

2 eggs

 1c almond milk

1tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp baking powder

pinch salt

1T sunflower oil

1/3 c almond flour

2/3 c banana flour

1 T agave


Mix the wet ingredients first, then blend in the dry ingredients.  Fry on a griddle and flip.

I topped mine with coconut cream, banana slices, and pecans.

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