Amanda is not only a survivor of mystery illness but an independent researcher and the founder of the Neurogenic Illness Theory, providing a viable option for chronic or unexplained symptom sufferers.

Through her experiences at medical induced injury, to the point of relying on a wheelchair and losing the use of her legs, she knows how to take her clients from:

Using the study of psychoneuroimmunology, where:

  1.  The Neural Memory is acknowledged
  2. The Nervous System is addressing using Neural Cognizance Training
  3. And the cells are addressed using Biofield Balancing and New Cellular Programming

How It Works

I get to teach what works, You get to learn, have a strategy plan, and a dossier of everything about YOU, making it easier to educate your providers on how to work with you.

So over the course of these 90 days, you’ll be able to discover more about yourself by identifying the hidden factors behind your health so you can feel better, be empowered and get results in your health and even help your own friends/family/clients/patients do the same!