Courtney's 30th Birthday Bash Veggie Cracker Dip

Courtney's 30th Birthday Bash Veggie Cracker Dip

2 bunches of fresh parsley or 2 Tablespoons, dry

6 baby carrots

2 broccoli stems tips only



Garlic salt to taste

Pinch some dried rosemary, dried marjoram, and a sprinkle of garlic salt

1/2 cup spinach

1/4 cup green olives

2 Tablespoons chopped purple onion

3 slices of red pepper, chopped

1 cup of dripped Greek or homemade yogurt, or use my latest addiction, sunflower cream cheese in the Herb flavor from Spero brand

I served this dip with my almond flour crackers. You can also chill and ball up rolling in crushed pecans. This makes me think of my parents' popular cheeseball parties in the seventies. 

Can be frozen to make ahead of time.

What does it mean to use dripped yogurt? I simply drape cheesecloth over a bowl securing it with a rubber band. Scoop the yogurt on top of the cheese cloth and overnight let the liquid drain from it. What you'll wake to find is a thick yogurt very similar to cream cheese in flavor and consistency and appearance. 

Tip: Make this recipe and then thin with coconut milk...voila! You have clean eating ranch dressing!

Tip #2: This dip is great as the cream cheese layer in veggie pizza!

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