Have You Ever, Food Relationships, And Fruit Granola Breakfast Bowl

Have You Ever, Food Relationships, And Fruit Granola Breakfast Bowl

Let's play a game of "Have You Ever":

Have you ever allowed yourself to take the time to pay attention to a meal as you were making it?

Have you ever noticed the smells, the sounds, and the feelings of the food in your fingers, and against the blade of your knife?

Have you ever ENJOYED the time preparing your meal instead of being in a rush to get it to the table?

Have you ever had a relationship with your food?

Have you ever thanked it?

Have you ever concentrated ONLY on eating? Not talking, watching tv, or reading the paper?

Have you ever taken your time lifting it onto the spoon, identifying the textures as you prepare it for your mouth?

Have you ever, then, taken only the amount on the spoon that is suitable to be in your mouth at any one time?

Have you ever savored the taste on every part of your tongue before you swallow it?

Have you ever chewed it until it was liquid, enjoying the flavor and feel in your mouth?

Have you ever felt it as it moved down your body into your stomach, and felt to see what your body thought of it?


Chances are that you answered no to many of them.  And that's considered "normal", as most of our conventional lives see eating as a task to be accomplished (and quickly) rather than a necessary and enjoyable activity during our day.  

With Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, a lot of talk of gratitude has been flying around the media and advertisements, however one VERY SIMPLE ACT and opportunity for a gratitude attitude is being taken for granted MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!  For an activity that nourishes and functions our bodies, and even has the power to build relationships over the dinner table, it sure it taken for granted!  Have we ever even taken the time to thank the effort that goes into getting that meal to the table?  Do we even take into consideration that without that meal, and those actions to get it to us, we would literally not exist?  

It is obvious that food is necessary to life, and it can also be one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives, if we let it.  Did you know, in fact, that digestive enzymes are actually beginning in production when the body SMELLS food?  Or feels it or sees it as it is getting prepared?  (where does this leave the diners of drive thrus?)In my opinion, it is fully necessary to have a relationship with your food, as it becomes you through the mere act of metabolism.  It would make sense to get into alignment with what our bodies are needing for it's healthy functioning success.  How do we do that, you might ask?  Our symptoms, of course!  How do you FEEL?  What kind of energy do you have during the day?  What kind of inspiration, or lack of inspiration do you feel?  What is your skin telling you?  Your hair?  Your belly and bowels?  

Eating your food is your way of taking it in.  Your body creates a union with it and your body knows exactly what to do with it when it comes in.  It creates your health, or supports its destruction.  Multiple. Times. A Day.    It IS SO important to have a relationship with your food.  If you don't, you have no idea what the body is needing to be healthy.   If you don't have a relationship and aren't in communication with your food, how do you know when to stop eating?  When the plate is empty?

I know, I know, the day is hectic.  We are so busy.  For what, exactly?  It might do you some good to question the concepts that drive you.  

Let me paint a different picture for you.  I am sitting in good posture, feeling strong after my workout and meditation over my day.  I am enjoying my Fruit Granola Breakfast Bowl (one of my favorites that I variate all the time I love it so much) and I'm facing the window with the sun streaming in.  I have no music, tv or books in front of me (or phone, which is usually our problem, am I right?) My body feels invigorated, and I concentrate on the living cells of the food provide a living feeling inside of me.  ( I do this because I have been depression's whipping post before and I know what to do to allow my body to LIVE.  I also changed what I was willing to believe, but it takes a daily lifestyle of enjoyment and awareness, not just "fake living".)

I am not rushed, and I enjoy my breakfast slowly as I allow myself to be in the moment, grateful for all that is around.

I know what you're thinking, "How?"  Well, OF COURSE, I must be a stay at home wife with no kids around.  Nope, not even close.  I home school my kids, have a preschooler at home with me all day, true; I manage my household, but I also operate a busy Natural Medicine Practice, AND run a successful online tool clinic.  I have the same stressors of expectations, production and to do's.  So when I have a day where this kind of time is afforded I cherish it . I have created, and continue to create, space for what is valuable and necessary to me. Not always do I get to enjoy it because my mind can easily get preoccupied as well but today is a good reminder for us all to master our minds.

And now, on to my favorite breakfast:

vegan food

Fruit Granola Breakfast Bowl

1 apple, de seeded, and diced

1 banana, sliced

1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 Tbsp sunflower nuts

1/4 C walnuts

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 Tbsp OJ concentrate (or squeeze of orange)

1/2 C coconut milk


"Master Your Mind"


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