Homemade Gut Microbiome Boosting Yogurt

Homemade Gut Microbiome Boosting Yogurt


1 quart organic half and half

1 quart organic whole milk

2 5 gram packets yogurt starter

You will need a Yogourmet yogurt maker appliance and a candy thermometer that goes up to 180°.

Heat the milks in a sauce pan until 180°. 

Allow to cool to at least but no more than 90°. 

Dip out a small portion of milk into a measuring cup and add the yogurt starter. Stir well and then add back into the rest of the milk batch. Stir well. 

Place in Yogourmet. Allow to ferment for 14 hours, at least no less than 8. This helps to digest any remaining lactose, making it incredibly probiotic rich without the typical offending lactose. 

This yogurt is bacterial and gut microbiome very beneficial. You might consider doing phenolic therapy if the milk continues to cause symptoms. 

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