Italian Chickpea Pasta

Italian Chickpea Pasta

With the days getting cooler, I feel my body craving those yummy warm and filling comfort foods.  But I still want fresh, healthy, and enzyme rich also.

This super simple meal makes lunch a snap.  I am in love with chickpea noodles.  That's purely what they are.  All protein coming from chickpeas, no flours of any kind so they make paleo, SCD, and grain free dieting super snappy and delicious!

With my FreshFridge Formulas, I had the veggies at hand, and chickpea noodles precooked and waiting.

Here's how I ate lunch on the quick: super simple and cheap!


1 cup of precooked chickpea noodles (that I warmed with a little butter or vegan butter, salt and pepper

6 cherry tomatoes of multi colors, sliced

1/2 avocado, diced


Lay the noodles in a bowl, then the tomatoes, then the avocado.


You will not believe how delicious this simple combo is!  Bon appetite!


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