Power Protein Complete Meal Salad

Power Protein Complete Meal Salad


I heard someone say, "I'm so sick of eating salad."  And it made me think. We seriously need to change our ideas about salad. It is not your token health food:  something you HAVE to eat before you can get to the "good stuff."  Even though the point of eating is to fuel and nourish the body, we still should enjoy the process.

First of all, I know without a doubt that vegetables and greens of all kinds taste better the cleaner the body is. If it is still congested with sugars, starches, and greasy fats, taste buds aren't going to be as accurate as they could be. Many have said this is true and they recognize it after being on a clean diet or a detox for a period of time. So if vegetables aren't tasting good to you, you might want to work on balancing the functions of your foods first so that you are reducing sugars and starches.  

The vegetation that make up salads are a good part of the foods that should be used to replenish the body consistently. So the trick isn't to "stick it out", but to make it taste good. Set the stage for an enjoyable meal by taking your time, listen to music or have pleasant conversation and don't rush through the meal  preparation or dining. Do an active activity that you enjoy before and after eating. This raises the endorphins and the pleasure experience. That way when you eat, at least psychologically you are in a position to think about the experience as a good one. Often times, people start adding salad to their diets during work hours. If you are stressed, or not pleased with your job, or don't have much time to eat, it is highly unlikely that you are going to enjoy yet another "restriction" such as salad instead of comfort food. It is also easier to train the brain to enjoy healthy foods again, if you are investing time in healthy activities. It has a way of making a person want to stick to health in other ways as well.

When you are enjoying this salad, enjoy it as a meal in it's entirety, and that each bite has flavors to enjoy.  

Orange Walnut Salad with Hemp Hearts 

1 cup of spinach/spring mix salad greens

1 clementine orange, peeled and sectioned

1/2 cup walnuts

3 Tablespoons hemp hearts

10 sugar snap peas, diced

1/2 avocado, diced

Drizzle a dressing of choice, or simply squeeze another clementine orange over the top. I like mine this way with a little sea salt and pepper. Fun fact, the hemp hearts ALONE provide 10g of protein.  Enjoy!


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