Ransomed Red Pepper Tomato Soup

Ransomed Red Pepper Tomato Soup

This soup is way way too easy to be this good. I love that it's quick, raw, vegan and surprisingly filling. Okay, well the chips don't exactly fit that bill, the soup definitely is worth it.

I've been using ingredients this week with the intention of protecting circulation, cleansing blood and regulating heart rates.

This soup is a fantastic coupling for that idea. It is unbelievably tasty for 10 shots in the food processor.

So here goes:

5 Roma tomatoes

1 whole red pepper, stem and seeds removed

pinch of salt and pepper and if you like spice, a bit of cayenne is nice.

It's a great whole foods, clean eating, health bill fitting addition to any meal. While I originally intended it as the raw addition first course, it was so filling I stopped after it.


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