Turkey Thyme Breakfast Sausages

Turkey Thyme Breakfast Sausages

Whether you are on the AIP diet, the SCD diet, or simply love to eat balanced and make meals easy, these turkey breakfast sausages are simple, delicious and can be made ahead of time, pulled out little by little as needed.

They are a great freeze ahead of time, and portion out for every morning in addition to an Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie or some fruit.  

Made up ahead of time they cut down on time and mess and with just a few simple additions, they're very flavorful.  

Plus, as I already mentioned, they are perfect for people on the beginning phases of the AIP and SCD diets, and can be eaten throughout the phases.  

Yes, we mostly post plant based recipes, but if you've ever been on a healing diet, sometimes meats are one of the only foods allowed and that can get dull real fast!  Having new flavorful options is a nice change up.  As always, if we must eat meat, please please bless the life that was given for you. 


1 lb Ground turkey

2 Tbsp Thyme

2 tsp Garlic salt

Combine all ingredients together well.  

Shape them into golf ball sized balls and flatten.  Put into a frying pan or under the broil.  I find them most preferable to fry them very crisply, letting the salt give extra flavor to the crispy outside.  

On SCD it's okay to fry in butter or oil.  In AIP a few oils are acceptable, like Avocado oil or Olive Oil.  

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