What I'm Eating Today

"But WHAT do you eat?"  I love that question. 

Trust me, it's WAYYYY more than I ate when I was working on healing my body, but now as I teach others about "Clean Your Plate" and Food FX, I walk what I talk.  Typically this means a salad at lunch time.  Trust me, I too used to get SOOOO sick of "salad" until I realized what I was doing wrong.

Salad is NOT lettuce with some stuff piled on top.

SALAD is the foods that are meant for your body, mixed up in different combinations for a genuine flavor creation...oh and it just happens to be good for you.

I used to eat salads like the former...throwing lettuce into a bowl and adding bits of other stuff.  

NOW, I keep handy a list of eliminator foods (don't know about eliminators?  Check out FOOD FX here) and get to work experimenting which foods on that list to put together and then writing down what worked.  A bit of a challenge experiment I would say.  Like, if these 25 foods were the 25 foods I should eat forever, then what kinds of combinations could I do that would make me get different meal after different meal?

It's really no different than what we're currently doing, you know.  Think about it...what do you basically eat?  Burger, potato, pizza, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, noodles, bread, chicken.....you've basically just found different ways to combine the same ingredients.  Look at mexican dishes....corn, beans, rice, tomato, lettuce, burger, chicken....they've just combined them differently again and again.

We need to take this approach with salad.  All salad is not SALAD.  Just like all noodles and pasta sauce is not spaghetti...It's lasagna, manicotti, ravioli....you get the idea.

We need to come up with different combinations of the same ingredients and then come up with fancy names...we'll fit right in!

So here's my Salad e Semi Di Canapa (with hemp seeds).  You wouldn't believe how different the flavors taste whne you combine different ingredients making it entirely a new dish.

Here's what's in Salad e Semi Di Canapa.  The best part?  Who needs to measure?



Black olives

3 Tbsp hemp hearts

Green pepper


drizzle of italian dressing ( I make homemade, but use what you like!)


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