Food Fx Meal Plan #2004

Food Fx Meal Plan #2004

We're keeping up with our "Theme night" series for this week's meal plan.  Remember, the name of the game is to keep the majority of the week nights associated with a theme so that it makes meal planning, prep, and grocery shopping easy!

Monday is the new recipe night, where you make double so you can freeze half for a meal to pull out on a busy night

Tuesday is taco night

Wednesday has you putting a crock pot meal together in the morning, to and ready when you get home

Thursday is stir fry, a great way to use up veg and add meat/beans/tofu/lentils for a quick 15-20 min meal

Friday is homemade pizza and movie.  Tip:  once a month I make a bunch of gluten free pizza crusts, roll them out and store between parchment paper.  The local pizza place let me have one of their boxes, so I just store them in there and take one out each week.  There are also great options in the freezer sections now for ready made crusts, just load them up with healthy vegetables and olives and enjoy your family night making memories of Friday family movie night!

 Here is the meal plan.

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