Meal Plan 2008

Meal Plan 2008

Welcome to another installment from our theme meals series!  This week a special treat...a healthy treat dessert added to the mix AND our so many of our desserts on are healthy and balanced and YES can be eaten for BREAKFAST!  You'll see Banana Cream "Dessert" for our weekend breakfast.  Added fresh raw raspberries and walnuts/pecans make it especially delicious AND nutritious!  You can even make and freeze in individual pieces.

Our 2nd weekend breakfast, we take regular oatmeal and balance it into a delicious food function friendly meal. 

This week's lunch salad isn't salad at all, but fresh raw veggie cuts with a delicious healthy dip to munch, guilt free!

If you like the thicker more filling satisfying soups, you'll love this one!  In the recipe, you'll notice it calls for 1 can of gluten free cream of mushroom soup.   Disclaimer, I do make my own, in fact I have a bunch of this made and ready to go in my freezer.  In the effort of time for you, I substituted it with simply buying a can from the store. Just know that it is easy to make this and keep around for many uses. 

The rest of the week, we use our theme planning guide as usual, Taco Tuesday, Wed crock pot meal, Thur stir fry and Fri family pizza.  Wait until you try Wednesday's Coconut Quinoa delicious!

Here is this week's Menu Plan 


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