Meal Plan 2009 - Crepes, Lentil Pasta, Sweet Potato Quesadillas!

Meal Plan 2009 - Crepes, Lentil Pasta, Sweet Potato Quesadillas!

Oh my goodness, I am sitting down planning our weekly menu for all of y'all (did you know when I plan these, it's what my family will be eating as well?) and I am getting so hungry thinking of all of the delicious things coming up this week.  Just when I was feeling so bored with foods since spring is taking its time and my garden is getting delayed...which means fresh produce is delayed as well!  These yummy bites are fresh, tasty and satisfying, made even better by planning them into our "theme week" style meal plans.

Remember, theme week style means you DON'T have to come up with new recipes for each day of the week!  Much of it is duplicated from week to week, though the variety changes.  For example, Thursday night is stirfry, but what you add to it and sauces you use can change to keep it fresh. 

Every week, I add:

* 1 totally new recipe to use on a less hectic night of the week (we use Monday). This you make in double, and freeze half for a meal you can add to your freezer collection.  

* 1 new crock pot meal - to make ahead

* weekend breakfast fun meals

* a soup and/or salad to make ahead and use for lunch all through the week

Get the Meal Plan Here

A Few Notes About This Week's Meals:

In the BBQ Chicken, you will see a conventionally sold bbq sauce.  Please remember, I am trying to keep meals easy for you.  According to your needs, please use the sauce right for you.  I like to make all my sauces and dressings ahead of time so that I can avoid preservatives and extra sodium and salt.  However, in the effort of ease for these theme plans, you may see some conventional convenience ingredients.  I ALWAYS encourage you to make your own where you can and time allows.

Chicken Wild Rice Soup - I love love love this recipe.  Note that for the reasons listed above, there is a block of conventional cream cheese used.  If you have the time to plan ahead, the "cream cheese" I use is from and is a sunflower oil cream cheese, thereby making it dairy free and much healthier!  If you have the time, here's where you can find it.  You will also find a lot of delicious dairy free options, recipes, and products on this site.  Happy searching!

You might also like this article:  Dairy Free Tips For People Who Love Cheese!

Sourdough Banana Nut Muffins - if you don't have sourdough starter, you can substitute with yogurt.

Happy prepping!  Let me know what you think of these recipes in the comments!

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