Meal Plan 2010 - Garden Cucumber Salad and Ransomed Red Pepper Soup!

Meal Plan 2010 - Garden Cucumber Salad and Ransomed Red Pepper Soup!

I'm beginning to get a hankering for some garden food!  The sun is out (sort of) and my little garden babies are working hard at growing.  But you can get started on these menus right away!

This meal planner follows our Theme style series, limiting the amount of NEW recipes you have to find each week.

You will love the pizza option on Friday family movie night pizza night, as well as Fruit pizza for breakfast over the weekend!

On stirfry Wednesday, try the new recipe, or utilize whatever vegetables and meats you have, toss in olive oil, and voila!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite meal this week is, or comment with your pics of any you made!

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