Meal Planner 2007

Meal Planner 2007

Another theme night meal plan.  A couple more of these and we'll move on to a new series!

This one features a couple favorites, especially for stressful times.  With our adrenal balancing pancakes, and vegan crab cakes, both are plant based anti inflammatory rich foods to support adaptive stress processes.  Not only are they comforting, but they are nourishing and excellent for reducing chronic inflammation!

On Friday pizza night...we always do Family Friday movie night.  We all make homemade pizza together.  I make a bunch of crusts ahead of time, bake them, stack them in a pizza box together and then pull out however many I need on pizza night.  We top them how we like while we draw from a cup which family member's movie choice is going to get drawn!

This Friday, I included one of my favorite "elite" recipes...very luxury, decadent, surprising.  If you want to shake it up, try this recipe and let me know what you think!


Meal Plan Here!

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