Toddler Meal Ideas

Toddler Meal Ideas

Toddler Meal Ideas

  • Veggies first! First, identify the fruit and veg you will serve in your meal, then plan around them when you are choosing a protein and/or grain source
  • Then add a protein and a grain source as desired
  • Kids don’t need recipes.  Kids like to keep it simple.  If it requires a recipe, it’s generally not an easy answer to kid accepted simple healthy foods.
  • Healthy food really is that simple.  It should be a few peels or cuts and maybe a light steam, but whole foods are generally not processed much and eaten as close to nature as possible
  • Yes, it is perfectly normal and common for kids to go through phases where they only want to eat one thing.  This is fine, but keep encouraging new options and help them get used to seeing color and options in different ways on the plate.  At some point it will look interesting enough to eat.
  • These simple foods are best accepted if they don’t touch, so buy compartmentalized plates
  • Pair the things they may not like or are new with things you know they do like
  • It’s easiest if they see you eating the same thing and not hiding “the good stuff” to be eaten in between meals.  They are more likely to eat healthy if they see you do it
  • My pinterest boards always have options you might want to check out:

Healthy Protein Options (It’s not just a meat world folks!)

Veggie burger Almond Butter

Lima beans Nut butters of all kinds

Quinoa Tempeh

Chia Lentils

Broccoli Spinach

Black beans KIdney Beans

Cooked peas Pinto beans

Black eyed peas Refried beans

Chick peas Hummus

Eggs Artichokes

Nutritional Yeast Seeds and seed butters

Noodles that are made from quinoa, chickpea, or lentil

Some possible combinations:

Veg Veg Fruit Add’ protein or grain source

Carrot celery strawberries Mini bagel pizzas

Red pepper avocado cubes grapes boiled quinoa noodles

Snow peas tomato soup watermelon grilled cheese

Corn olives cantaloupe cubed chicken

Sliced squash brussel sprouts peach rice and gravy

Avocado cauliflower banana quesadillas

Broccoli peas apricot slices mini waffles

Red pepper green beans cherries scrambled eggs

Strawberry blueberry pancakes, egg slices

Blueberries raspberries banana yogurt and granola or cereal

Strawberry cucumber baby orange hashbrown

Carrot sticks raisins banana cheese sticks

Celery raisins applesauce sunbutter (to make ants on a log)

Cherry tom Broccoli raspberry hardboiled egg

Carrots cauliflower grapes chickpea noodles

Snow peas butternut squash applesauce peanut butter sandwich/sunbutter

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